Whether it is a summer day in Houston or one that’s a bit cooler, many residents love visiting the city’s restaurants and dining outside on a patio. From fine-dining establishments that require reservations to more casual eateries where you can simply get your order and eat it outside, you’ve got plenty of great choices in Houston. No matter where you live in the city and what type of food is your favorite, chances are there is a restaurant with a patio that is just waiting for you. With so many great restaurants from which to choose, it was difficult to select only a few. Nevertheless, here are our top four Houston restaurants that have the best patios, in no particular order.

Sparrow Bar & Cookshop

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If you live or work in Midtown, you’ve probably eaten a meal now and then at the Sparrow Bar & Cookshop. With its chef Monica Pope being one of Houston’s most well-known and beloved cooks, diners always have a great time when eating on the restaurant’s patio. Partially-covered and filled with plenty of beautiful greenery, you can enjoy a sunny spot for your meal or instead opt for a bit of shade. Known for growing its own fresh herbs on-site, you can find something on the menu to suit any persons’ taste buds. Whether you are a meat lover, prefer a vegetarian meal, or are sticking to a vegan diet, Sparrow Bar & Cookshop is the restaurant and patio for you.

Hubcap Grill

Patio Seating Available At The Hubcap Grill In Houston, Texas

Nationally-known for its incredible array of burgers, Hubcap Grill is a great place to eat when you want to have a casual meal with family and friends. Considered to be more of a patio and backyard setting than an actual building, Hubcap Grill is also known for having long wait times for its burgers when there is a crowd, so make plans to get there and maybe stay awhile if need be. But if you want to make sure you can get in and get your burger quickly, monitor the restaurant’s Twitter feed, since Hubcap’s owner Ricky Craig regularly posts when there are long lines of customers waiting for their burgers.

The Shack

The Shack Burger Restaurant Houston
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Though its name may sound simple, The Shack is a patio restaurant that has something for everyone. Considered one of the coolest restaurants in Houston due to both the cool breezes that blow through the patio as well as the people and activities that can be found there, The Shack offers you a large, brick-paved patio that is fully-covered. Once you sit down to eat your burger or other selection, you’ll be treated to a concert from live musicians on the restaurant’s backyard stage. Also, don’t worry about the kids getting bored, since there is also a play area for the kids on the patio.

Urban Eats

Urban Eats Houston Restaurant

Located on Washington Avenue, Urban Eats is getting more and more attention from Houston residents who love a great place to have a great meal. A relatively new addition to the Houston restaurant scene, Urban Eats will offer you a wide selection of sliders, salads, and french fries, all of which can be topped with an almost endless array of ingredients. Once you get your food, you can then select something to wash it down with by looking over the restaurant’s bar menu of wines, beer, and cocktails. Once you have everything, make your way to the second-floor balcony and have a seat, where you can then enjoy your meal while watching the world go by minute after minute.

If you are eager to experience a delicious meal at a Houston patio restaurant, don’t hesitate to try any of the four spots mentioned here. Once you do, you’ll be going back for more.

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