Like many Houston residents and probably most everyone else across the nation, we are more than ready to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021. Yet despite the pandemic and all the various disruptions to normal life it has brought with it, our beloved city of Houston is nevertheless experiencing a number of exciting new things as 2021 begins. Many of these involve the openings of new businesses and other attractions, all of which are setting the stage for 2021 to be a great comeback year. If you are more eager than ever to explore some new stuff in Houston in 2021, here are some happenings we here at Proguard recommend.


Seismique Art Museum
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Opening on December 26, 2020, the 40,000 square-foot extravaganza known as Seismique is truly something to behold here in Houston. Located in the west side of Houston at 2306 South Highway 6, this experiential museum is filled with well over 40 of the most unique art galleries found anywhere in Houston. Unlike most traditional art museums where patrons simply walk through and observe the art, Seismique is filled with lights, colors, and sounds that actively encourage all patrons to interact with the art itself. Using high-tech computers, sensors, graphics, and much more, patrons can experience holograms, virtual reality, projection mapping, and many other innovative 21st-century art displays. Perfect for all ages, you can visit to learn more about its schedule, how to buy tickets, and other information.

The Nash

Expected to open in mid-January at 1111 Rusk Street, Suite 172, The Nash is one restaurant and bar that is expected to take Houston by storm. Considered somewhat upscale, it nevertheless is a spot that will be on everyone’s list of places to eat before too long. Though details are still a bit vague about what The Nash will have in store for us here in Houston, rumors abound that it may include live music and plenty of other surprises. If you are into checking out new restaurants and bars here in Houston, we recommend you keep your ear to the ground to learn more about The Nash.

Eastern Glades

Eastern Glades in Houston
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Spanning over 100 acres, the Eastern Glades in Memorial Park offers visitors who love nature a place to unwind, relax, and take in the many things that make Houston such a beautiful city. Featuring miles and miles of trails that are easy to bike or walk, Eastern Glades also showcases much of the wildlife that is native to Houston. Whether it’s a turtle, butterflies, lizards, or the many birds that call Eastern Glades home, you never know what you might find once you set out on one of the many trails. However, if you prefer a more sedate day, you can pack a picnic lunch and hang out at one of the numerous picnic areas in the Eastern Glades. From stopping by on your lunch hour to making a day of it with your family on a weekend, you can’t go wrong by visiting Eastern Glades.

Rice Village Farmer’s Market

Having just opened in December 2020, the Rice Village Farmer’s Market is a welcome addition for folks in Houston who love to buy their produce from local vendors. An open-air market that is open on the first and third Sunday each month, more than 40 vendors are currently doing business at Rice Village. If you choose to stop by, we predict you won’t be able to resist the many wonderful types of produce and other home essentials that are for sale. Also, make sure you don’t leave without taking home some of the artisan chocolate, which we hear is delicious.

Houston Botanic Garden

Houston Botanic Garden in Houston
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Open for only a few months, the Houston Botanic Garden has already attracted thousands of visitors. Spanning over 130 acres and featuring more than 350 different varieties of plants from around the world, you’ll be able to experience everything from plants found in dry deserts to those that live in tropical rainforests. Whether you are a true plant lover or just want a relaxing place to spend the day and unwind, the Houston Botanic Garden is a must-see.

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