Food Festivals in Houston Area

Ready For A Food Festival? Check Out These Great Houston Events

Now that Spring is just around the corner, you are probably like us here at Proguard and eagerly anticipating attending some local festivals. Fortunately for us here in Houston, there are numerous events from which to choose, many of which are centered on another one of our favorite things, food. If you are ready to kick the winter blues to the curb and enjoy great weather and fabulous food, here are our top picks for some of Houston’s most outstanding food festivals in the coming months.

Midtown Wine Fest

For those of you who love a great glass of wine, fantastic food, wonderful music, and a day at a beautiful park with family and friends, then you’ll be like us here at Proguard and be in attendance for the 2021 Midtown Wine Fest. Scheduled for March 27 in the city’s outstanding Midtown Park, you’ll be able to sample more wines than you probably even knew existed on planet Earth. In fact, organizers say there will be more than 60 amazing wines from around the world available for sampling. A one-day event, what makes the Midtown Wine Fest even more special to Houston residents is that it also showcases many local wines as well, giving residents a chance to see just how many great wineries are located in and around Houston.

Since there will be only a limited number of tickets available for this event, we encourage you to make your purchase as quickly as possible. With ticket prices being $45, we think it’s a bargain you won’t want to pass up. After all, that $45 buys you the chance to sample over 60 different wines, listen to great music from area musicians, and the opportunity to also taste many different appetizers from some of the best chefs Houston has to offer. As an added bonus, you get a souvenir wine glass to take home with you, so don’t miss this festival that showcases much of what makes Houston one of America’s best cities.

Houston Pizza Festival

Whenever you combine pizza with any type of festival, you know you’ve got something great that’s about to occur. As arguably the biggest pizza fans here in Houston, we here at Proguard already have our mouths watering for the Houston Pizza Festival, which is scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 24. Kicking off at noon and going until 9 p.m., plan on sampling plenty of pizza once you arrive at your destination of 4605 W. Orem Drive. A festival that prides itself on having pizza, pizza, and more pizza for all who attend, you’ll also be able to enjoy plenty of other activities during the day. Along with lots of great-tasting beer and wine to wash down slice after slice of pizza, you can also stroll around and listen to plenty of live music, let your kids play in the Kids Fun Zone area, and even enter the festival’s Pizza Eating Contest. With so much to offer and kids under 10 being admitted free, this is one Saturday you should definitely mark on your calendar. For more info, go to the Houston Pizza Festival page on Facebook.

Oxtail Seafood and Wine Festival

Also scheduled for Saturday, May 22, we at Proguard might also find some time to pay a visit to the Oxtail Seafood & Wine Festival. Located in Emancipation Park, general admission tickets for this event are only $20. However, that price is only for admission to the festival, and does not include the food you may purchase from any of the festival’s vendors, so keep this in mind. However, you will be given a glass of wine with your purchase, with more available at very reasonable costs. Featuring some of the best seafood anywhere in the Lone Star State, chances are you’ll grab a few slices of pizza at the Pizza Festival, then still leave some room to sample some excellent seafood.

Since you’ll be out and about so much in the next few weeks, it may also be a great time for you to finally stop by one of our seven Proguard locations here in Houston to talk about renting one of our climate-controlled and secure storage units. With spring cleaning set to begin any time now, you know you’ll have more stuff than you do room to store it at your home. So after sipping some wine, eating some pizza, and sampling some seafood, stop by a Proguard location in person or visit us online at to learn more.

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