If you know fashion, you know about the Met Gala. Referred to as the biggest night out for the fashion world, anyone and everyone strives to be seen in the hottest fashion trends. Should you be wanting your own Met Gala look here in Houston, you’ve got plenty of great spots where you can find the very best in American fashion. After scouring the city, we’ve decided here are the top five places to shop for fashion here in our beloved Houston.

Abejas Boutique

Located on South Boulevard, Abejas Boutique is a Houston spot where you can definitely find the latest in shoes, jewelry, clothing, and so much more. A popular destination for online shoppers, Abejas actually has more in its store that it offers online, so it’s definitely worth the time to make an in-person visit. Once you arrive, you can expect to be helped by a team of stylists who know their way around the fashion world, and can suggest the perfect outfit and accessories to match. With an inventory that constantly changes and showcases the latest styles, you’ll become the talk of Houston’s fashion scene after shopping at Abejas Boutique.

The Store Floor of Abejas Boutique in Houston, Texas
Source: Houstonia Magazine

A Bientot

Located on River Oaks Boulevard, A Bientot was conceived in a garage by Betty Newton in 1996, and the rest is history. Knowing everything there is to know about the New York and Paris fashion scenes, Betty and her team at A Bientot have an outstanding selection of scarves, clothing, shoes, and anything else you can imagine. In fact, no matter what type of look you have in mind for yourself, chances are the team at A Bientot can make it happen. Whether you want baby pebble pearl earrings, a Madison blazer, or even a custom kimono waffle robe, you will find all this and more at this beloved Houston fashion store.

Katia Boutique

Should you be strolling by 5634 Westheimer here in Houston, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of the many unique and beautiful selections at Katia Boutique. Well-known for featuring the very latest fashions that have been runway-inspired, you can find yourself looking just as good if not better than many of today’s top models. But rather than paying thousands of dollars for your clothing, shoes, and more, you’ll be paying hundreds of dollars instead, meaning you can buy more for your buck. And let’s face it, when it comes to shopping, there’s nothing better than walking out of a store with as many bags of beautiful clothes as possible.

The Inside Of The High End Store, Katia Boutique, With Couches In The Middle And Clothing Racks Along The Walls
Source: Katie Boutique


No, we’re not talking about the movie that had Dustin Hoffman walking around in a dress and wig. Instead, we’re referring to the Tootsies located at the River Oaks Shopping Center here in Houston. Always stocked with clothing and accessories that emphasize the very best of American fashion, Tootsies is a place where you will be treated like the important customer you happen to be. From the complimentary valet parking to individualized attention by stylists who strive to learn your personal preferences, the goal of Tootsies and its staff is to make sure you leave wearing fashion that has you feeling beautiful and confident. Also providing its clientele with private appointments, Tootsies offers you the utmost in Houston luxury.

Melodrama Boutique

As the founder of Melodrama Boutique, Jackie Adams has been one entrepreneur who has without a doubt changed the Houston fashion scene. Proud to be “more than a boutique,” Melodrama actively supports many community events. When it comes to fashion, this boutique sets itself apart from many others in and around Houston in that it supports numerous local fashion designers. Thus, if you want clothing and a style that is unique and one-of-a-kind, browsing through Melodrama will let you find pieces that are stunning and irresistible. Also, unlike many other similar boutiques, you can schedule one-on-one styling sessions with Jackie herself. Whether you want only one hour or instead want to schedule a Sunday brunch to discuss what types of fashion would work best for you, this and more is possible once you enter Melodrama.

Racks Of Colorful, Bold Clothing Inside Of Melodrama Boutique in Houston, Texas
Source: Houstonia Magazine

With so many great places to shop for the latest fashion styles here in Houston, you probably now have an even greater sense of urgency to clean out your closet. But once you do, you’ll need a place to store those items. Rather than toss them here and there, stop by a nearby Proguard location to rent a storage unit that’s climate-controlled, secure, and big enough to hold whatever leaves your closet.

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