Now that Summer is ending and Fall is right around the corner, you may be feeling worn out physically and mentally. With all the things you did the past few months, along with everything that has been going on in the world of late, you may find yourself in need of a mental and physical pick me up. If so, we’ve put our heads together here at Proguard and come up with some tips to help you feel better.

Clean Up the Clutter

Like us, you probably never feel great when your surroundings are a mess. Thus, if you’ve got lots of stuff scattered about in your basement, garage, and other parts of your home, clean up the clutter. One great way to do this is by renting a storage unit here at Proguard, since this will give you a safe, secure, and climate-controlled spot to store golf clubs, furniture, clothing, or anything else you need to get out of the way.

Learn How to Meditate

If your life seems as if you are on a treadmill 24/7 and you need some time to think about things, learn how to meditate by taking some classes at the Houston Zen Center. Offering daily classes and other special events, the Zen Center is where you can learn everything about Zen meditation and how it can transform your life. Once you begin meditating for only a few minutes each day, you’ll be amazed at how refreshed your mind and body feel.

Front Entrance To The Houston Zen Center
Source: Houston Zen Center

Walk During Your Lunch Break

Rather than just eat during your lunch break and then sit around and worry about this and that, try taking a relaxing yet brisk walk during your lunch break. Living in Houston, you’re lucky in that our city has many wonderful parks and other spots from which you can choose for your walk. As for us here at Proguard, we recommend such places as Buffalo Bayou Park, Discovery Green, and Hermann Park.

A Day at the Spa

Let’s face it, we all like to be pampered now and then. If there is one thing that is almost guaranteed to get your mind and body feeling years younger very quickly, it’s spending a day at a spa. Here in Houston, most folks choose to visit the Trellis Spa. From massages to facials and everything in between, the Trellis Spa is known for giving incredible services to its guests, so treat yourself to pampering extraordinaire. Also, try out Milk & Honey, another of Houston’s fantastic spas that provide exceptional service and leave you feeling like a new person.

A Lounge At The Milk & Honey Spa In Houston, Texas
Source: Milk & Honey

Take Up a New Hobby

Should you feel as if you are in a rut and that your mind is finding everything you’re doing to be boring, consider taking up a new hobby to give yourself a mental and physical pick me up. Since Houston is filled with so many beautiful and spacious parks, you may want to consider birdwatching. Once you have your field guide and binoculars, you can choose a park and start exploring. Along with stimulating your mind, you’ll also get some exercise, relax, and have a hobby you can enjoy for decades to come.

Eat Better

To help both your body and mind, we suggest you try eating a more healthy diet now that the season is about to change. Here in Houston, there are not only many well-established restaurants but also lots of new ones that have opened up recently. Some of the ones we here at Proguard like the best include Ixim, JOEY Uptown, and Urbe. From the fantastic breakfast tacos at Urbe to Ixim’s fried lamb and pork meatballs and lobster-shrimp ravioli at JOEY Uptown, you’ll find plenty of selections that will satisfy your taste buds.

Inside Dining Room Of Joey Uptown In Houston, Texas
Source: Culturemap Houston

Get More Sleep

Now that you’ve taken some classes at the Houston Zen Center to learn about mediation and had some pampering at local spas, you should be relaxed enough to start getting a good night’s sleep. To increase the odds of this happening, stop checking your email at least one hour before bedtime, establish a regular routine, and make sure your bed is as comfortable as possible.

Now that you’ve rented a Proguard storage unit to help clear out the clutter, taken some relaxing walks, had some great meals at local restaurants and decided to do some meditation in the mornings and evenings, you should be feeling fit as a fiddle mentally, physically, and spiritually as you look forward to all that Fall has to offer.

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