When Halloween rolls around each year, you can’t help but think about the many spots in Houston that are supposedly haunted. Here at Proguard, we typically try to avoid hanging out with ghosts and evil spirits as much as possible. However, we’re willing to make an exception each Halloween. If you agree and want to visit Houston’s most haunted spots after you finish stopping by your Proguard self-storage unit, here are five places in Houston we dare you to visit.

Spaghetti Warehouse

If you head to 901 Commerce to visit the Spaghetti Warehouse, be prepared for plenty of stuff besides just great food. Though it’s now a restaurant, the building was once a produce warehouse and pharmaceutical company in years past. As legend has it, a young pharmacist fell to his death by plunging down an elevator shaft, leaving his widow so distraught with grief that she herself died only a year later. If you believe the stories that have followed, the spirits of these two still haunt Spaghetti Warehouse.

Whether it is customers who claim to have seen objects floating, employees saying they’ve heard their names being called out despite nobody else being around at the time, or other odd happenings, it sounds as if something odd and eerie is happening at Spaghetti Warehouse. Also, some reports claim to also have the ghosts of children running around as well, so expect the unexpected at Spaghetti Warehouse.

Alt Text: Street View Of The Haunted Location - Spaghetti Warehouse In Houston, Texas
Source: HoustoniaMag

Battleship Texas

If what supposedly happens at Spaghetti Warehouse wasn’t enough to have you shaking in your shoes, consider the hauntings at Battleship Texas. Thought to contain the ghosts of soldiers from World Wars I and II, the ship was one of many that participated in D-Day. For those who believe the ship is indeed haunted, Haunted Rooms America is offering an “Overnight Ghost Hunt” of the USS Battleship Texas. Led by experienced paranormal investigators and psychics, those who have investigated the ship in the past believe spirits are definitely present. Should you be up for a night you’ll never forget, make plans to attend.

Historical Image Of The Battleship Texas
Source: Texas Parks & Wildlife

Glenwood Cemetery

When you want to find a spot that more than likely has its fair share of ghosts, you can head to a cemetery. Here in Houston, one of the most haunted is said to be Glenwood Cemetery. Located on Washington Avenue, this is a cemetery that gives us the creeps even during the daytime. The final resting place of many prominent people, including the late and eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes, Glenwood Cemetery is known for people claiming to see ghosts floating among the tombstones at night, hearing odd noises in the distance, and other happenings that won’t make you too eager to be there alone. Nevertheless, if you fancy yourself to be a modern-day ghostbuster, we wish you well.

The Glenwood Cemetery In Downtown Houston, Texas
Source: Houston Chronicle

Jefferson City Hospital

If you need the perfect formula for a building to become haunted, the old Jefferson City Hospital is as good as it gets. Not only did it serve as a psychiatric hospital at one time, but it is also built on top of the Houston City Cemetery, where thousands of Confederate soldiers were buried during and after the Civil War. Although the hospital closed in 1939, it was not completely abandoned until 1985. For those who have set foot in there over the years, they report hearing the screams of patients, seeing ghosts of soldiers, and strange noises that had them leaving very quickly.

Front Entrance To The Historical Jefferson City Hospital Before Renovation
750750Source: Houston Chronicle

Old Town Spring

Located just north of Houston lies the town of Spring, which has the reputation of being one of the most haunted Old West towns in the entire nation. Because of this, it hosts an annual Old Town Spring Ghost Tour to show off its spirits and strange happenings to those who don’t mind having chills up and down their spine. Whether it’s strange apparitions or other scary events, legend has it that storekeepers back in the day were so frightened that they made sure to close up their shops and get home before dark.

Haunted Locations By Old Town Spring In Houston, Texas
Source: Houston Ghost Tours

Well, now that you know the many places you can go in Houston to say hello to ghosts and hear strange screams and voices in the night, we’re sure you’ll never look at Halloween the same ever again after visiting these places. However, we’re also sure that by choosing Proguard for your self-storage needs, you’ll never run away screaming, since our units are affordable, climate-controlled, and always well-lit and secure. So as you head out this Halloween, we say good luck and trick-or-treat!

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