Here at Proguard, we often find people believe they can only store certain items in a self-storage facility, such as furniture, clothing, sporting goods, and other things. Thus, many of our customers are surprised to learn they can also store many different vehicles at our facilities as well. Naturally, we realize now that you know this, you’ve got questions that need to be answered. To do just that, here is our guide to storing your vehicle at Proguard self-storage.

What Types of Vehicles Can be Stored?

Here at Proguard, our facilities are made so that many different types of vehicles may be stored safely and securely. These include standard automobiles, trailers and recreational vehicles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and even boats. In addition, should you have a classic car or antique vehicle that requires the safest and most secure storage facilities in Houston, you can count on us here at Proguard.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Stock Image Representing Vehicle Storage at Proguard

What Kinds of Security Measures are in Place for Vehicle Storage?

If there is one thing we take very seriously at Proguard, it’s giving our customers facilities that are safe and secure. At most of our locations, you’ll find such security measures as video surveillance cameras, electronic gates and keypads that require electronic access via codes, on-site management personnel, and “Enforcer” cylinder locks that are the best in the industry. Also, all of our facilities are well-lit and secured by strong and sturdy fencing.

Why Would I Need to Store a Vehicle?

Actually, there are many reasons why you would need to store your vehicle. One of the most common is if you are going on a long trip or even overseas, which is very common with military personnel here in Houston. Also, if you have a large RV, parking it at your home could be tough. Rather than have disputes with neighbors or a homeowner’s association, it makes sense to use our vehicle storage facilities.

Will My Vehicle Be Stored Outside?

Absolutely not. For vehicle storage, we have covered parking and fully-enclosed storage units that are climate-controlled, have extra-wide driveways, rollup doors, and electrical outlets. As an added security feature, these storage units also come with individual door alarms. Thus, if someone unauthorized tries to enter your storage unit, they won’t get very far with their efforts.

Stock Image of a Horse Trailer Representing Vehicle Storage at Proguard

Are There Any Restrictions on Vehicle Storage?

Generally, there are no restrictions on vehicle storage at our Proguard facilities. As long as you are the owner of the vehicle and we are able to verify this, you can book vehicle storage with us and immediately gain peace of mind, knowing you have one less problem on your plate.

Who Can Store Vehicles at Proguard?

Virtually anyone can store vehicles at Proguard self-storage facilities. Whether you are a military member who is being deployed elsewhere for months, a business owner who has run out of parking space at your business, a classic car collector who wants to protect your priceless treasures, or simply a homeowner who is trying to be a good neighbor, storing your vehicle with us here at Proguard is an easy, cost-effective, and smart decision.

Is Storing a Vehicle Affordable?

Yes, it is very affordable to store a vehicle with us here at Proguard. Upon making your inquiry, we will provide you with various options regarding storage units, based on the type of vehicle you wish to store if you have multiple vehicles, and much more. Since all of our units are affordably priced and are able to be rented on a month-to-month basis, you can’t go wrong by choosing Proguard vehicle storage.

Now that you know all there is to know about storing your vehicle with us at Proguard, what are you waiting for? When you stop by to store your household and personal items with us, make arrangements for vehicle storage as well. Since everything will be safely tucked away with us, you can put your worries aside.

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