Whether you’ve got some furniture you’re storing while moving into a new home, sporting goods that need to leave your garage, or a valuable wine collection or classic car, the self-storage facility you choose must have the latest security measures in place. Here at Proguard, we make security our top priority with each customer and their storage unit. If you’re curious as to what security measures you should look for at self-storage facilities, here’s what you’ll find at Proguard.

Why Self-Storage Facilities Need Security

In today’s world, crime seems to be a bigger problem everywhere. Unfortunately, many people tend to view self-storage facilities as easy targets, since not all of these establishments take the same approach to security, leading to break-ins and the theft of various types of property. However, our Proguard facilities do things differently. Implementing the latest security features while also combining them with common sense and good judgement, we are happy to report we have few if any significant problems at any of our facilities. If you’re seeking secure self-storage and peace of mind, look to us here at Proguard.

What Kind of Security Do We Offer?

Knowing our business won’t last very long if we allow our customer’s items to be stolen on a regular basis, we at Proguard use a wide array of security measures at our locations to ensure all goes well 24/7. To begin with, each storage unit is individually alarmed. Upon renting a unit, you will be given a unique code to use when entering, allowing you to turn off the alarm and reset it when you leave. Other measures include video cameras rolling day and night, high-security cylinder locks and keys given out only to you, and on-site managers who know security procedures and take their jobs very seriously. Finally, you’ll find our locations to be very well-lit, surrounded by fencing, and in areas of Houston that receive regular police patrols.

Storage Unit In Memorial City Area In Houston, Texas

Are Proguard Facilities Accessible 24/7?

In most situations, our facilities are open to our customers from 7 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. each day of the year. Known as gate hours, these tend to differ from our office hours. However, this does not mean security measures take a back seat. Should you require access to your storage unit outside of regular gate hours, you can speak to the on-site manager at your facility. More than likely, we can make arrangements to help you out in any way possible.

Can My Family and Friends Access My Storage Unit?

As to who will have access to your Proguard self-storage unit, this will depend on who you authorize to do so when you rent your unit. Since you are given three keys to your unit upon renting, you can decide if you wish your spouse, children, friends, or others to have access as well. However, before you give others keys and tell them your security code, always make sure those people are completely trustworthy. In many cases, our customers choose to restrict access only to themselves. But remember, the choice is yours.

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We Monitor Who Comes and Goes

Contrary to what many people may think, not just anyone can wander in off the street and gain access to a Proguard self-storage facility. Relying on our high-tech computerized gate or building keypad system, access to our sites is restricted only to those who have been authorized to enter. Since we always provide each new tenant with their unique security code, this makes it much easier for us to monitor who comes and goes from our facilities. Thus, should questions arise, we can use video surveillance data and other security measures to get to the bottom of things.

If you’ve looked at other self-storage facilities, you’ve probably been disappointed with the lack of security. If so, give Proguard a try. Offering state-of-the-art security 24/7, we’ll give your items the security they deserve.

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