Whether you have only a few items to store or more than a few, chances are you may be considering a storage unit to solve your problem. If so, our self-storage facilities here at Proguard are just what the doctor ordered. However, you may be thinking that you’ll need to rent a large storage unit, when in fact you may only need one that is 5×5. Though it sounds small to most of our customers, they are pleasantly surprised when we tell them all the things that can easily fit into a 5×5 unit. If we’ve peaked your curiosity, read on to find out the many things that will fit in one of our Proguard 5×5 storage units.

Comparable to a Standard Closet

When you stop to think about just how big a 5×5 storage unit is, we suggest you visualize a standard closet. Since one of these units is 60 in. x 60 in. and has ceilings that are eight feet tall, anything you can easily fit into a standard closet will likely fit into one of our Proguard storage units. If you’re tired of having closet after closet in your home filled with stuff you only use now and then, look into renting one of our storage units instead.

Stock Image Of A Child’s Closet With Storage

Room for Plenty of Furniture

While a 5×5 space does not sound big enough to hold much furniture, you may be surprised at what can fit into this space, especially once you employ a little creative packing along the way. By stacking, putting large items in first and then smaller items, and other packing tricks and techniques, your 5×5 Proguard storage unit could easily hold a standard-size desk, a chair or two, dresser, several boxes filled with clothes or other items, and even a twin mattress set.

Pile Of Moving Supplies & Furniture

What About a Queen Mattress?

Believe it or not, you can also store a queen mattress inside a 5×5 storage unit. With its eight-foot ceilings, the storage unit will easily accommodate the 80-inch long mattress when it is stood on its end. Also, the queen mattress is 60 inches wide, which would give you just enough room to store it in your unit. However, it may not leave you much room to store much else. To solve this problem, you can angle the mattress corner to corner, but don’t store anything behind the mattress, since it may not be very easy to get to when needed.

Aerial View Of A Queen Mattress In A Simple Room

Great for College Students

If you’re a student living on campus, you don’t want to drag everything home with you during breaks or spend time and money on shipping your stuff home. Instead, we suggest you try renting a 5×5 storage unit for your desk, books, and other items. With our flexible monthly rates, you can rent a unit before you leave, fill it up, and then retrieve your stuff on your return to campus.

Car Packed With Moving Supplies From College

Small Business Storage

For many small business owners, trying to find the extra room they need to store inventory and supplies can be challenging to say the least. This is particularly true of folks who have a home-based business. Before they know it, their basement, bedroom, den, and other areas of the house have become warehouses or stockrooms. If you’re a business owner who needs some more storage room, renting a 5×5 is the perfect option. By adding a few standalone shelves to your unit, you’ll be able to store more inventory and supplies than you ever imagined. Having worked with many business owners over the years, we can vouch that they are very satisfied with 5×5 units.

An Office Filled With Business Supplies Moving To Storage

Toys, Decorations, Clothes, and More

If you’re a mom who runs a busy household, you know all too well just how much stuff can not only accumulate inside your home, but also how hard it is to find out of the way places where things can be stored. Whether it’s toys that are used infrequently, clothing for various seasons, Christmas decorations that seem to take up more and more room each year, or sporting goods such as golf clubs, renting a 5×5 Proguard storage unit will undoubtedly make life much easier for you and your family.

Man Moving Boxes Into A Self Storage Unit

Small but packing a big punch in terms of what they can hold, 5×5 Proguard storage units are great for everyone. To have a safe, secure, and climate-controlled place to store whatever it is that always seems to be in your way, visit one of our Proguard locations today to rent your very own 5×5 storage unit.

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