Like many folks in Houston, you love putting up Christmas decorations, but hate taking them down. Not only do they add a festive touch to your home or business, but taking them down means you’ve got to worry about storing them for another year. However, have no fear, we at Proguard are here. Since our locations offer storage units that are the perfect size for storing a few decorations or plenty more, your Christmas decoration storage problem will be solved. But along with our storage units, here are other ideas you can try.

String Lights Make Excellent Table Lamps

Rather than take down your string lights and then drive yourself crazy trying to get them stored without having them become one tangled mess, repurpose them into some beautiful table lamps. To do so, position them on a table, then use a terrarium or glass jar turned upside down over them to create an instant table lamp. Having a magical look, you’ll wonder why you never had this idea long ago.

String Lights In A Glass Terrarium As A Table Lamp
Source: Buzzfeed

Use a Clear Storage Bin for Gift Wrapping Supplies

From wrapping paper and tape to bows, ribbons, and more, you know how difficult it can be to locate all the little things you need when it’s time to wrap a gift. Rather than waste time, pull out your hair, and possibly say a few words that aren’t considered to be very nice, we suggest you use a clear storage bin for your gift wrapping supplies. Along with being big enough, it will also let you easily see what’s in the bin, which will save you time when you stop by your Proguard storage unit to retrieve the bin.

Rent a Self-Storage Unit

Of course, after you’ve got your decorations ready to be stored for another year, you’ll then be trying to decide where to store them. While you could choose your attic, basement, or garage, renting a Proguard self-storage unit will make a whole lot of sense. Climate-controlled, secure, large or small enough for whatever you need to store, and convenient since we have multiple locations in Houston, you can tuck away your Christmas decorations with us here at Proguard, gain plenty of peace of mind, and also gain plenty of extra room at your home or business.

Exterior View of Proguard’s Storage Units At The Bear Creek Location
Source: Proguard

Tissue Paper on Clothes Hangers?

Yes, we are telling you to store tissue paper on clothes hangers. Why? Because we all know that at some point during the upcoming year, you’ll need to give someone a gift. When you do, you can simply go to your closet, where you’ll find plenty of wrinkle-free tissue paper just waiting to be used for wrapping your gift. Along with keeping the tissue paper wrinkle-free and from getting torn to bits, hanging it inside your closet is an easy way to get it out of your way.

Ornaments in a Wine Box

If there is one thing a wine box is known for, it’s being made to be sturdy enough so that the wine bottles it usually contains won’t break. Here at Proguard, we’ve discovered these boxes are also perfect for storing Christmas ornaments. Since they contain dividers, you can put various types of ornaments in the same box without having them get mixed-up or broken. However, if you use this storage method, we suggest you also put some bubble wrap around your ornaments for extra protection.

Christmas Ornaments Stored In A Wine Box For Best Protection
Source: Pinterest

Wrap Christmas Lights around Cardboard

While Christmas lights look wonderful when displayed on a tree, hung outside, or used in countless other ways, trying to store them can quickly become a nightmare, especially once the wires get tangled up. To solve this problem, we think a few pieces of cardboard will do the trick. Since you’re bound to have plenty of cardboard around going to waste, cut some notches into the opposite ends, then wrap your light sets around the cardboard. An easy and compact way to store your lights, they’ll easily fit into even the smallest of our Proguard storage units.

Now that we’ve given you so many helpful hints on how to store your Christmas decorations, there will be no time at all until you’re ready to stash them away for another year. Rather than tripping over wine boxes filled with ornaments or moving that clear storage bin from one room to another, bring all your decorations to us here at Proguard. By selecting an affordable storage unit that best meets your needs, you can solve your annual decoration storage problem by trusting us here at Proguard.

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