When you are choosing a storage unit for furniture, electronics, sports equipment, clothing, or even excess inventory associated with a business, your primary goal is to have a place to store everything. However, it’s also important you take temperature control into consideration. If you don’t, you could find much of your stuff getting ruined along the way. To make sure the stuff you store stays in great shape and you get the peace of mind you deserve with self-storage, here are some reasons why we here at Proguard always recommend our customers use temperature-controlled storage units.

Protection from Extreme Temperatures

If you choose a storage unit that does not have temperature control, you are taking a very big chance of having whatever you’ve stored getting ruined. Here in Houston, you know just how hot it can be in the summer, and how the weather can also turn surprisingly cold now and then in the winter. If you store furniture, musical instruments, electronics, and other such items in a unit that has no temperature control, you’ll likely find items warped, cracked, or sustaining other similar types of damage. By having storage units with temperature control, the temperature will always be maintained so that your items stay in excellent condition.

Hallway In A Storage Facility With A Dolley & Boxes Stacked On Top

Better Air Quality

At many storage facilities that do not offer temperature-controlled units, opening the door to a unit can unleash musty and stale air that has built up over many months. This poor air does little to help the condition or smell of whatever was stored inside, which is why we here at Proguard always speak of the value of temperature-controlled units. By having a storage unit where the air inside constantly circulates, your sensitive electronics and other items will always be in the midst of fresh air.

Less Dust and Debris

When extreme temperatures take place in storage units, this usually means the units themselves are not well insulated and sealed. As a result, the items inside are much more prone to dust and debris accumulation. If there is one thing you don’t want to find, it is your clothes, electronics, and more covered in a thick layer of dust. By having a temperature-controlled unit, this won’t happen. Since our Proguard units have walls, floors, and roofs that are well-insulated and sealed, chances are you won’t find any dust or dirt on your stuff. In fact, everything will likely look as good as it did the first day you placed it in storage.

Finger Pointing To A Sensor With A Green Thumbs Up & “Air Quality” Displayed

Added Peace of Mind

If you are storing your company’s excess inventory or perhaps a valuable musical instrument you only pull out to play now and then, the last thing you need is to be constantly worrying about your stuff once you place it in storage. By opting for temperature-controlled storage units like those at our Proguard locations, you will be getting tremendous peace of mind. In addition, you’ll be able to get this peace of mind at an affordable rate, since we offer our storage units for rent on a month-to-month basis.

If you have had storage units in the past that did not feature temperature control, you know all too well just how great that worked out for you and your stuff. If you want to avoid another nightmare scenario with your furniture, electronics, and more, stop by one of our many Proguard self-storage locations here in Houston. Once you do, we’ll find out what you want to store and explain the importance of temperature-controlled units. By choosing us, you’ll leave your stuff in great hands and walk away with a smile on your face.

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