While you were busy ringing in 2022, you might have overlooked the fact that January is National Hobby Month. Like our team here at Proguard, we know most of you have something you enjoy doing as a hobby. Whether it’s crafts such as scrapbooking, woodworking, sports, cooking, or anything else, chances are you’ve got plenty of stuff you use for your hobby. If you’re always having trouble storing your stuff in and around your home, a personal storage unit would be the perfect solution. As for which hobbyists could most benefit from one of our Proguard self-storage units, we’ve got a few ideas.


If you love spending your free time woodworking, a personal storage unit would be the perfect spot to store your supplies. Whether you’ve got some extra equipment such as saws and drills, a new supply of wood, or other types of supplies, renting a storage unit from your nearest Proguard location would make life much easier. Along with having all your stuff in one place and easy to find, you would also have a storage area that is climate-controlled, secure, and easily accessible to you day or night.

Wooden Table With Lots Of Woodworking Tools Placed Organized on Top


For those of you who love to spend time scrapbooking, we love looking at the great things you create with your crafting talents. But as you know, serious scrapbookers have quite a few supplies on hand at any given time. While you may have initially been able to store your supplies in a spare bedroom or elsewhere, you may now be wanting to use that part of your home for something else. Since you can rent many types of storage units from us here at Proguard, you can get a large or small unit that will meet your needs, and of course, pay a very reasonable price month to month.

White Table With Scattered Scrapbooking Supplies & two Hands Taping Paper

Auto Restoration

Should you happen to love bringing classic cars back to life, renting a Proguard personal storage unit will make your future restoration jobs much easier. Whether you need to store valuable parts for your car, paint, or other bodywork supplies, tools, or virtually anything else associated with your next restoration project, a Proguard unit can make perfect sense. Best of all, since our facilities are set up so that your vehicles can also be stored in some of our larger units, you can even store your classic car with us as well once it’s finished.

Dirty Table Covered In Auto Restoration Tools

Sports Enthusiasts

Like many of us here in Houston, you probably love spending some of your free time engaging in various sports and recreational activities. Whether it’s hitting the links with your golf clubs, going camping at a nearby state park, or riding a bicycle and lifting weights while perhaps training for a triathlon, you nevertheless need plenty of space to store your equipment. Should you be tired of always moving your golf clubs, camping equipment, and various other things from one corner of your basement or garage to another spot around your home, it’s time to pay us a visit here at Proguard. By doing so, we can give you advice on which size storage unit would work best for you, tell you about the great features of our storage units such as climate control and more, and help you choose a storage unit that fits in well with your budget.

Pile Of Vintage Sporting Equipment

While you’re busy celebrating National Hobby Month, don’t forget to stop by one of our many Proguard locations in Houston to rent a storage unit for your stuff. By doing so, you’ll have more time to spend on fun activities, rather than always moving things here and there.

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