No matter what type of business you have, finding enough storage space for supplies and other things can be a challenge. Whether it’s excess inventory taking up too much space, office supplies and equipment that’s always in the way, or promotional materials that you only need now and then, it makes little sense to keep this and other stuff scattered about your building. Instead, consider the benefits of a commercial storage unit from us here at Proguard. Once you pay us a visit, we’ll be happy to talk with you about some of the reasons why your company will benefit from trusting us here at Proguard.

State-of-the-Art Security

If your company has excess inventory, equipment, or other items that are valuable in numerous ways, trying to place them here and there around your facility can increase the chances your stuff will be lost or perhaps stolen. Rather than risk losing thousands of dollars worth of inventory and supplies, rent a commercial storage unit from us here at Proguard. When you do, your unit will have 24-hour state-of-the-art security that ensures anything you store with us will be safe and secure. From our well-lit facilities to computer entry codes, the best locks, and video monitoring of our facilities, you can count on us here at Proguard to keep your valuables secure as if they were our very own.

Man Locking Key To A Storage Unit

24/7 Entry

Whether you’re a busy real estate agent or pharmaceutical representative, a small-business owner who works long hours day and night, or anyone else who puts in lots of hours on the job, there are times when you realize you need something as soon as possible. If you store your inventory, promotional literature, or anything else with us here at Proguard, one of the biggest benefits you’ll reap is having computer-controlled entry 24/7. Along with giving you plenty of flexibility, you’ll also get peace of mind knowing your unit is available to you whenever needed.

Where to Put Those Files?

Last but not least, your company may be in the process of updating your recordkeeping system and moving everything online. However, this does not mean you want to throw away all of those paper copies of important documents. If you rent a commercial storage unit from us here at Proguard, you won’t have this problem. Even if you have one file cabinet after another filled with important information, you can rent one or more of our climate-controlled and secure units to store your company’s files. Best of all, should you ever need to take another look at some paper copies of invoices, contracts, or other documents, you’ll know they are safely tucked away and easily accessible to you day or night.

Rows & Stacks Of Plastic Bins With Files & Other Business Storage Items

We Can Store it All

Here at Proguard, we take pride in the fact that there is almost nothing we cannot store at our facilities. For your company, this means you could use your commercial storage unit to store seasonal decor, marketing materials, equipment, and even some of your company vehicles if needed. At all of our facilities here in Houston, we offer a wide range of commercial storage units in various sizes. Thus, whether you have only a few things to get out of the way or lots of stuff that needs a new place to call home, one visit to us here at Proguard will solve your company’s storage problems once and for all.

Since we offer reasonable monthly rates on our many types of commercial storage units, stop by one of our Proguard locations today to find out how we can help you and your business. And if you’re unsure if we’re the right place for your business, take it from one of our customers. Proguard treats every customer like family, no matter what. 

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