Now that warmer weather has arrived, you are probably like us here at Proguard and are turning your attention to spring cleaning. While you may have plenty to do cleaning windows, floors, and more, you may be overlooking the organizational aspect of spring cleaning. After all, once you get your home cleaned, you don’t want lots of clutter in room after room. To make sure you’ve got a clean as well as organized home, here are some of our favorite tips.

Keep Only What You’ll Need and Use

As you are going through your home doing your spring cleaning, we know you are bound to come across item after item that has collected plenty of dust. Whether it’s clothes in your closet, sporting goods in your garage, or other stuff around your home, it’s important to decide which items you are going to need and use on a regular basis. For some items that you know won’t be used or needed, consider passing them on to charitable organizations. However, if you’ve got some clothes, camping equipment, golf clubs, or other stuff that is taking up room at your home but you want to keep, renting a Proguard storage unit can be the perfect solution. 

Desk Covered With Clutter Being Cleaned & Organized For Spring Cleaning

Take a Close Look at Those Closets

Though we just touched on clothes in your closet, we know how tempting it is to hang on to those shirts, jackets, and other things you’re sure you will wear someday. But while cleaning your closet, get it organized along the way. This should be done in all the closets in your home, since everyone in your family probably has quite a bit of stuff they no longer need or rarely wear. If you are determined to keep some clothing, accessories, and other odds and ends you find in your closets, renting a small storage unit here at Proguard can be like your closet away from home.

Garages and Storage Sheds

When it’s time to do spring cleaning, don’t forget about your garage and storage sheds you may have on your property. As you know, these areas often turn into catch-all areas, meaning they’ve got a little bit of everything in them. When it’s time to start mowing your yard, planting flowers, and other outdoor activities, you don’t want to be wading through a sea of clutter trying to find a rake, shovel, or other things you’ll need. After you’ve organized the shelves, knocked off some dust, and given the windows a swipe or two, chances are you will have found more than a few things that need a new place to stay. Whatever you don’t give away or sell, place them in a nearby Proguard storage unit. By doing so, you can stop by whenever necessary to grab something you need.

Cluttered Garage With Tools, Dirt, And Other Items

Your Spring Cleaning Storage Unit

Now that we’ve covered many of the basics of your spring cleaning, you’ve probably figured out we think renting a storage unit is a great idea. Whether you need a small unit to store a few clothes or garden tools or a larger unit to store these items and plenty more, we’ve got you covered here at Proguard. Best of all, we offer month-to-month contracts, rather than forcing you into a long-term deal. When you combine this with units that are climate-controlled, have the latest security features, and are easily accessible to you day or night, it’s easy to see how a Proguard storage unit can be a smart choice. Once you’ve finished wiping the sweat from your brow, pay us a visit at Proguard to get your spring cleaning storage unit.

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