Even though many national chains have taken over the landscape of Houston, our team here at Proguard realizes there are still plenty of great mom & pop businesses operating in our wonderful city. In fact, we regularly visit restaurants and other businesses that are locally-owned and operated. If you are like us and ready to give a shout out to our local business owners by celebrating National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day on March 29, here are some of Houston’s top local businesses we suggest you visit and spend a few dollars while you’re there.

Lankford Grocery

An institution in Houston since 1937, Lankford Grocery originated as a fruit stand before becoming a grocery store in 1940. These days, it’s a combo store and restaurant, and has quite a loyal following. Having been featured on many national TV shows for its outstanding burgers, you can stop by to sample such favorites as the Grim Burger, Firehouse Burger, or the South of the Border Burger, which is one of our favorites here at Proguard. 

Front Patio Of Lankford Grocery With Picnic Tables And Customers Eating In Houston, Texas
Source: Visit Houston Texas

Turner Hardware

In business since 1950, Turner Hardware is the place to go to when you need to find that one item you just haven’t been able to locate at any of the big-box stores. Along with its surprisingly large selection of all things hardware, the staff at Turner Hardware is very knowledgeable and friendly, giving customer service that just can’t be beat.

Becker’s Books

When you visit Ann and Dan at Becker’s Books, there’s no doubt you will leave with a unique book in your hand. Specializing in books that are rare, used, or even antiques, this Houston store has close to one million books at any given time. In business since 1994, all books at the store are secondhand. As a result, you can always wander around, find a great book, and get it at a very reasonable price.

Owners of Becker’s Books, Ann & Dann, Sit On A Wooden Table and Pose In Front Of Bookshelves
Source: Houston Chronicle

RC Hobby Shop

One of Houston’s most popular mom & pop businesses, RC Hobby Shop has been in business for almost three decades. If you like such gadgets as radio-controlled cars, boats, and other things, you’ll find it at RC Hobby Shop. As drones have become more popular in recent years, RC Hobby Shop has these as well, and is recognized by most Houston hobbyists as being the go-to place to find the perfect drone.

British Isles

If you are in the West University area of Houston near Rice Village, don’t leave before walking through the doors of British Isles. A fantastic gift shop that also features an incredible array of specialty foods, British Isles will be one spot in Houston you’ll be coming back to time and time again. Whether you are wanting plum pudding and mince pies or collectibles, dinnerware, or other items that have a British flair, this local business will be your one-stop shop for all things British.

If you are out and about on March 29, be sure to stop by these or many of the other mom & pop businesses here in Houston. By shopping locally and supporting our local business owners, you’re making Houston an even better city in which to live.

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