5 Tips to Improve Your Stockroom

Your stockroom is an essential part of store operations. If the stockroom is unorganized, then every stock check, replenish, and inventory report will turn into the task your employees will dread, and most likely do incorrectly. Keep your books accurate … Continued

Summer Bucket List

  Summer is coming to an end. Insert crying face emoji here, right? Instead of counting down the days until it’s over, why not create an end of summer bucket list? Make the last days of summer count by doing … Continued

How to Decorate on a Budget

You budgeted and saved for your first home. Now that you’ve moved in. with far less stuff after Marie Kondo’ing your apartment, how do you decorate without breaking the bank?   Here are a few tips on decorating on a … Continued

“Marie Kondo-ing” Your Houston Home

With minimalism bloggers and tv shows like “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” on the rise, it’s apparent that minimalism is all the rage nowadays. And for good reason – the benefits of embracing a minimalist lifestyle are undeniable.   1. Spend … Continued

Valentine’s Day in Houston

Up to anything good this Valentine’s Day? If not, Proguard Storage has your back. Check out some suggestions for what to do on this big day:     Couples Massage   Okay, this one might be obvious but when else … Continued

Dining Out On New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve 2018 is just around the corner. For many, NYE is the night of choice to go out to eat with friends or loved ones. Where will you be spending your NYE this year? We have some top … Continued

New Year, New You! Put it in storage.

The holiday season is upon us and many are about to embark on a light week of work and get to spend some quality time with family. Quickly following this break comes the new year. The start of 2019 will … Continued