Space City, HOU, Bayou City, H-Town, these are just some of the many nicknames people have lovingly created for Houston. As Texas’s largest city and America’s fourth-largest, Houston is a cultural melting pot, offering tremendous opportunity for the millions of people that call it home.


At Proguard, many of our customers have recently moved to the city. Whether they’ve come from a small town in rural Texas or from Europe. They’ve chosen Proguard because it’s Houston’s most secure storage to store their belongings. We offer various amenities, including air conditioning, enforcer locks, monitored surveillance, and alarms throughout our multitude of different-sized units.

We created the following guide based on the answers to all the questions we’ve had from newcomers to the city. They’ve ranged from how to celebrate certain holidays to what neighborhoods are better suited for families. We’ve organized that information into this concise guide. We hope it helps!

There is always an occasion to celebrate in Houston

The traditional kick-off of the holiday season in the United States is Thanksgiving and Houston is no exception to that rule. At Proguard, our article, The Best Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving in Houston, is a great way to learn about how to celebrate the occasion and the official start of the season.

Once you’ve managed to finish your first round of turkey leftovers, the holidays have officially started, and the Christmas festivities in Houston are in full swing. Our city may not be known for its white Christmases, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate all that is wonderful about this time of year. Two articles feature information about where and what is festive in the city at Christmas: December in Houston: Holiday Happenings and Fun Things To, Do in Houston This Holiday Season. There is even more information in our article Holidays in Houston, it discusses how to enjoy the holidays.

When the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s has come and gone, January arrives abruptly at our doorstep. Just because we don’t typically get snow doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate winter in southern Texas. Our article, ‘Chilling’ in Houston this Winter! Provides some suggestions about what you can do to mark our cooler weather.

One of the first holidays after Christmas is Valentine’s Day, and our article, Valentine’s Day in Houston, has you covered. It provides a snapshot of the best spots to take your loved one in the city for a romantic meal or some uninterrupted time for the two of you. A second piece, In the Spirit of Valentine’s Day: Here are the Best Neighborhoods for Singles in Houston! It’s a different take on an international day for love. Still, we thought it might be an exciting way to see Houston if you’re looking for that special someone.

Just over a month later, it’s time to get your gang of friends together to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland-St. Patrick. On March 17th, Houston uses this date as an excuse to drink loads of beer, sometimes even green beer, and act silly. Our articles, 5 Things You Can Do for St. Paddy’s Day in Houston and St. Patrick’s Day, Houston, provide a brief list of the many activities in the city. Many of them are free.

Once the mild weather of St. Patrick’s Day has ended, the warmer days of spring arrive. This is the best time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Our article Houston’s Spring Vineyards, describes some of the places in the city you can enjoy a nice glass of wine.

As May arrives and the official first long weekend of summer, our article, How to Celebrate Memorial Day in Houston, is an excellent way to kick-off the season. Don’t forget to read the Top 5 Summer Day Trips from Houston, The Coolest Parks in Houston to Spend your Summer Days, and June in Houston: Top Park Picks.

As the infamous summer heat of June sets in, there’s an opportunity to celebrate the fathers or father-figures in your life. The article, Awesome Activities for Father’s Day Weekend in Houston, will provide some useful suggestions of what you can do in and around town for dad. 

 As we get further into June and then July, Houston’s legendary heat usually makes going out difficult. Our articles, 15 Indoor Activities in the Heat of a Houston Summer, are a great resource to reach for when it gets just too hot to go outside (that’s especially true in July and August), and you’re looking for something to do.

Houston food-pho sure!

When you think of food in Houston, the first thing that comes to mind is either a large rack of ribs or Tex-Mex. Yet, cuisine in this great city has become so incredibly diversified in the last 20 years. It is no exaggeration to say, this city’s cultural landscape has exploded. Many different cultures have moved to our city, bringing their traditions, way of life, and, most importantly, their food! Many native Texans now enjoy Vietnamese Pho, Greek Souvlaki, and Ethiopian Wat. Our article, Houston Wine and Food Week, gives an excellent overview of the restaurants participating in this annual event.

If trying different foods doesn’t interest you, enjoying a leisurely meal on a patio is more your style. Houston Restaurants with the Best Patios will be a welcome read. We provide a brief overview of the best outdoor spaces our city has to offer, and trust us when we say there are many to choose from!

Finally, if you’re a dessert lover, especially of the cookie kind, Where to Find the Best Cookies in Houston is an article you’ll have to read with a glass of milk in hand. We’ve covered the city to find the best cookie stores in town.

Moving to the Space City

With many new Houstonians arriving daily from other parts of the country and world, our city’s interest is on the rise. Suppose you’re considering making a move here but are still a little hesitant. In that case, our article 15 reasons to finally make a move to Houston might give you that final push you need to put down roots. A second blog article that we wrote, Moving to Houston, also discusses some of the highlights of living in this city.  We have a lot to offer, and both articles give their own overviews of some of the best aspects of living in Houston.

There is no place like home

The saying goes that everything is bigger in Texas, and indeed, Houston is no exception to that rule. Many things are bigger in our great city, including the houses, but not all of them! In our article, 5 Adorable Tiny Homes for your Staycation, we take a look at some of the tiniest dwellings found in our city. What these small spaces lack in square footage they certainly make up for in comfort and convenience.

A few of those tiny homes can be found in some of Houston’s most legendary neighborhoods. These are communities in the city with their own unique personality and are not afraid of showing them off. Our article, Houston Neighborhoods to Fit Your Personality, is a great article to read if you’re not familiar with the city’s different districts. In particular, if you’re looking for a home in an area to suit the specific needs of your family, check out 4 Houston Neighborhoods for Young Families.

If you already are a homeowner, especially during this challenging past year of Covid-19, our article Houston Quarantine Tips: 5 Fun Things You Can do at Home might bring some much-needed light-heartedness. 

Some Houstonians have chosen to rent out their own home to travelers to generate income during the pandemic. How to Airbnb your Houston Home explains how you can safely and thoroughly prepare your home for guests and potentially generate a profit for yourself.

Another alternative is to adopt a pet during the lockdown, either a cat or a dog looking for a home. Pet-Friendly Houston: Sit, Stay, Enjoy, details the different pet-welcoming areas in our city. There is a lot around town!

Headed to H-Town for a Little Holiday

 If you don’t live in Houston but are planning a trip to our glorious city, 5 Places to Visit in Houston, Texas, Your Next Trip to Houston, or Take a Tour of Houston’s Museum District are all great reads to help you prepare for your trip. Or there are the Top 20 Can’t Miss Spots in Midtown Montrose, which includes examples such as a combined Indian restaurant and yoga studio plus Houston’s largest outdoor theatre.

In Why Memorial Heights, Tx, we feature some of the highlights of this equally popular Houston neighborhood. They include Memorial Park and Buffalo Bayou Park, not to mention the Downtown Aquarium. There is certainly lots to discover and explore in this trendy, centrally located Houston community. 

Additionally, we don’t want to keep you just in the city itself. There’s plenty to see in and around Houston. The article Amazing RV Road Trips Near Houston, including the awe-inspiring Big Bend National Park.

Suppose you had planned a trip to Houston this year and couldn’t make it because of Covid-19 or for another reason. Why not support our local businesses from afar by buying online? Support Local Houston Store Owners by Shopping Online is certainly one way of doing that. Like so many business owners, this past year has been one of the most difficult if not the most stressful years in their history. One of the ways all of us can help is by continuing to buy. Though many of us have been unable to travel, supporting these businesses by purchasing from them remotely can help them tremendously. So you can literally buy the t-shirt without having been there. I don’t anyone will judge you for it this year!

Everything Houston

You might be asking yourself, what does a self-storage company like Proguard and a guide about everything Houston have in common? Actually, a lot more than you’d think. Both care about Houston. Proguard is the city’s most secure self-storage, offering amenities such as enforcer locks, monitored surveillance, and alarms throughout our different sized units. Our goal is to make sure Houstonians, from the newest ones to those that have lived here their whole lives, have a good experience with us. The guide has the same goal. By providing all this accurate information about Houston, we can ensure you have a good time in the city. Whether you’re visiting us for one night or you live here. The more information you have, the better time you’ll spend living in the city. It’s that simple. Now, what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy all that H-Town has to offer!

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