Unless you have been blessed with ample square footage to hold all of your seasonal decorations, sporting equipment, clothing, and whatever else you use one season but not another, you’re likely to have that constant feeling of having far too much stuff cluttering your home. You know that feeling of making it overwhelmingly difficult to find anything. At Proguard Storage, we know that feeling where you’re always moving things around your home time after time. Your goal is to try to find some storage combination that doesn’t involve anything being left on the floor or the dining room table. That’s why we’ve developed this seasonal storage guide.

Seasonal Storage Guide

Spring Has Sprung, and so has the Cleaning

Typically, when we think of spring in relation to our home, we imagine cleaning, reorganizing, and decluttering it. From our articles Spring Cleaning 101, Spring Cleaning Fever Part 1, and Self-care with These Swipeable Spring Cleaning Tips, we offer several different suggestions on the best ways to clean out your home and prepare it for the summer.

But if you’re in a cleaning mood, you don’t even have to wait for the first signs of spring. In our article Spring Cleaning Any Time of Year-A Clean Home Brings a Clean Mind, we discuss how decluttering your house can increase its positive energy flow.

Yet spring isn’t only a time to clean and organize. It can also be a time to move houses. As buyers and sellers take advantage of the milder temperatures and spring breaks from school. Our article Surviving the Spring Move provides some quick tips on the best ways to organize and plan out a move from one location to another in the spring.

Spring is also a time to celebrate. From our article Valentine’s Day in Houston, St. Patrick’s Day in Houston, 5 Things you can do for St. Patrick’s Day in Houston and Houston Spring Vineyards. We offer many suggestions on how to celebrate the various spring holidays.

Don’t forget the different things you can do per month during the spring. We’ve written articles for several specific months. We feature Houston in February, 4 Ways to Make the Most of the Mild Weather in March.

Our seasonal storage guide for spring is full of cleaning ideas, celebration suggestions, and activities you can participate in during the other months throughout spring.

Summertime and the Living is Festive

With Houston’s legendary summer heat in full swing, our article Summer Activities to Beat the Houston Heat is the perfect quick read. It lists some of the city’s major attractions to help you stay cool and enjoy what the Space City has to enjoy.

For more specific activities that relate to certain summer holidays such as Memorial Day, we’ve written How to Celebrate Memorial Day in Houston or Labor Day in Houston.

We’ve even identified activities by summer months. For instance, our articles Houston in May or Houston in September: Events you can’t miss, both list happenings which occur in those months, respectively. Both articles provide you with a different perspective about these months that might be drearier due to the excessive heat.

Fall in Love with Houston’s Autumn

There is never a wrong time to store your personal items at Proguard storage, and fall is certainly no exception. With Halloween being increasingly popular every year, Americans are buying more and more decorations. From lights to inflatable lawn décor, to candles, and spooky wreaths, there is so much to decorate both the inside and outside of your home nowadays. The autumn section of our seasonal storage guide features an article on how to store your Halloween Décor. It provides you with some quick and easy to follow steps to keep your decorations organized and easy to find year after year.

Don’t forget Thanksgiving. It is truly one of the largest American holidays. Our articles Houston Best Thanksgiving Day Events and Thanksgiving in Houston will give you an excellent overview of the types of activities in and around the city.

Houston: A Winter Wonderland Without the Snow

Winter is a busy season for most of us. The weather in Houston turns from mild to downright cold, and everyone relishes that opportunity to wear their stockpile of sweaters during those two weeks of cold! When you’re not looking for space to store your Christmas presents or holiday decorations or are clearing out spare rooms anticipating guests’ arrival, there are other ways to celebrate the holidays. Our article Tips to Unleash your Creativity with Holiday Décor, offers suggestions on making the most of your holiday decorating.

Our articles Chilling in Houston this Winter (day trips) offer a brief overview of some excursions you can take in the colder months or visiting family. Similar to our article, December in Houston: Holiday Happenings, Fun Things to do in Houston this Holiday Season and Holidays in Houston, many things are going on to celebrate the holiday season throughout December and plenty of opportunities to get out and have fun.

Even after Christmas has come and gone, there are still things to enjoy throughout Houston during January. Our article, Houston in January: Things to do, features a brief list of activities that can be done in and around the city during the first month of the year.

Seasonal Storage Guide

Whatever the time of year, seasonal storage is a fantastic way to stay organized and keep your home functional and clutter-free. Proguard offers a variety of storage options to suit your needs. We will help you find a storage solution that will mean your floors won’t be cluttered, your kitchen table will be empty, and you’ll be able to find things you need. Imagine that? Contact us today to learn more.

If you have any questions about organizing your wine, be sure to contact us at Proguard Self Storage.  We are your self storage in Houston.

If you are in the need of storage, learn more about our storage locations in the Houston, Texas area on our website.