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There’s a lot of reasons to love winter. It’s cozy, it’s comfy, there’s family time, delicious food, timeless traditions…but once we turn the corner after walking down the holiday hallway, we can often find ourselves a little bit restless. Our house starts feeling a little less like a cozy cottage and a little more like a confined cabin. Good news though, spring is just about here! It’s time to (literally) dust ourselves off, reorganize, and tidy up in preparation for the new season ahead. Spring cleaning fits into the category of self-care, as it boosts our mood, creates a peaceful and positive living space, and can even help prevent us from catching a late-winter cold as we cleanse away the dust and germs. Utilizing your ProGuard personal storage unit at any one of our convenient Texas locations is key when it comes to kicking clutter to the curb. Below are our top tips for the spring cleaning session both you and your house definitely need! 

1. Windows & Doors

Take advantage of the pre-spring clouds to clean your doors and windows, inside AND outside. While direct sunlight can cause your glass cleaner to dry in streaks, an overcast day ensures you get glass so clean it’s practically invisible. We also recommend using different types of glass cleaner inside vs. outside. For the inside, DIY a vinegar and water mixture that’s non-toxic, kid/pet friendly, and guaranteed to remove smudges in a cinch. For the outside, feel free to use something that’s a little more heavy duty, as odds are winter has left behind more than a few layers of grime and dust.

2. Refresh & Reset

While we don’t recommend completely replacing everything (unless you want to!) switching out an armchair or a loveseat with the changing of the seasons can help your space feel brand new. No need to toss anything out though; simply keep last season’s decor in your ProGuard personal storage unit until you’re ready for another scenery change.  Not ready for something that big? Try switching up your pillows, throws, and knick-knacks for lighter, brighter items that will give your space a whole new look without breaking the bank. Bonus tip: A natural way to help your house smell as clean as it looks without opening the windows to unpredictable weather, is to throw some lemon or orange peels into your garbage disposal for an instant burst of mood-boosting aromatherapy.

3. Dusting…And Then Some

Odds are you sweep regularly, but dust, dander and other allergy-inducing nasties could be hiding in places that a traditional dust-down just won’t reach. Curtains should be dry-cleaned every few months, and while we love Easter bunnies, dust-bunnies tend to hide underneath larger items like bookshelves, couches and chairs, making them tough to get to. Ceiling fans are also notorious for holding onto dust, so don’t forget to give those a good wipe down as well. Also, while your mattress kept you cozy and warm all winter long, it could be holding on to some dust that you shouldn’t be breathing in while you dream of spring.  Some of the easiest ways to clean a mattress include vacuuming it, steaming it, misting it with a sanitizing spray, or all three! If you’d like to invest in a new mattress, but the old one is still in good shape, consider storing it in a personal storage unit. You may find yourself reaching for it again to finally convert that office into a guest bedroom, or even to sell for some extra spring-time cash.

The Proguard Team

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