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Storage rental in a Texas storage location is one of the best ways to clear clutter from your home. Texans can use climate control storage units to safely store their belongings, and Pro Guard Storage has the perfect storage unit Texas residents need for a clean home free of clutter. You’ll think more clearly and it will feel like a fresh start.

You’ve probably heard of feng shui. It is the practice of maximizing the flow of energy in a living space for optimal comfort and enjoyment. Anyone can apply basic feng shui principles to their home:

1. Clear the Clutter. Start by getting rid of things you have not used for 6 months or more. Unless it is a specialty item, heirloom or keepsake, consider recycling or discarding it. Everything else should go into a Texas storage unit; you’ll immediately notice a better flow of energy in your home after this step.

2. Air Quality and Lighting. Buy some air-purifying plants like the peace lily or bamboo palm, or invest in an air purifier. Avoid fluorescent lighting and consider using full-spectrum lights. Open your windows on mild, sunny days.

3. Feng Shui Elements. The Chinese elements include earth, wood, fire, water, and metal. Learn more about this system to bring better flow into all areas of your home. For better health, put lush wood element items like plants and wooden furniture in the eastern part of your home. Wood and water elements in the southeast can bring more prosperity. Consider learning about the Bagua grid and find out what your own primary element is to further improve the energy of your home.

4. How Does it Feel? The main consideration when applying feng shui principles to your home is how it makes you feel. The feng shui “trinity” is your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen; make sure your home’s layout and decor supports you in feeling healthy, happy and clutter-free.

Clearing clutter is one of the best ways to improve the energy in your home and help you think more clearly. Storage rental in a Texas storage location can help; use climate control storage units to safely store belongings you don’t use regularly. Pro Guard Storage has the ideal storage unit Texas residents need during spring cleaning or any time of year.

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