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Spring has finally rolled around and it’s been apparent here in Houston! As the Houston economy continues to grow and job markets continue to expand, many are flocking to the area. Whether you are new to the city, or simply changing your living space, having a plan for your move is of the utmost importance.

Moving during the spring season is the ultimate fresh start. Parting with items you no longer use should be embodied in your overall strategy as to conduct a bit of ‘spring cleaning’ whilst relocating. Many moving from a home into an apartment will have a plethora of extra items.

If you are downsizing your space or wish to live with less clutter, consider the following:

1. Donate goods to a charitable organization: Many in need will benefit from your old or outdated items.

2. Purchase a storage unit: Whether you are in need of storage for your unused items, or perhaps you’re in the market for a car storage unit – Proguard has the capacity to help you free up space in your new home.

With the Houston heat coming in strong, ensure you take your time during all efforts. Ask a friend to lend a hand, or perhaps even hire a crew. Take a look through the Proguard Self Storage Blog for moving tips to help you along the way.

Happy Spring!

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