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True bibliophiles (yes, that means book-lover) will NEVER let a book rot away in storage. But on the other hand, most bibliophiles own more books than they know what to do with! So we propose the perfect solution: learn how to properly store your books and  keep them in mint  condition, then swap out your collections every few months so all your tomes get a little love and wear.

So here’s the best way to store your books until it’s their turn to shine on your shelf!

1: Buy (or find) a large, opaque plastic box to store your books in.

We recommend THIS ONE.


Remember to keep the bin medium-sized, or else you won’t be able to lift it!

2: Lay your books correctly into the box:

It’s important to note in what direction your books are stored.

GOOD: Laid one on top of the other (horizontally) or spines facing outward/upward (vertically)

Example: 2016

BAD: DON’T lay the book on it’s spine. The binding will crack and ruin the cover.

3: Find the best place to store your books.

This part can get tricky: book’s bindings are delicate and react very badly to temperature swings, too much sun exposure, or (if you’re garage/attic is prone to it) rodents eating away at the glue. The best spots would be in a closed up closet or under the bed.

Consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit: you’ll have a ton of space to store your books and won’t have to worry about exposure to your favorite collections!

Follow these tips to store the books you cannot live without until the next time you crack them open and lose yourself in their pages.

Did you try these tips? Have any more to share? Tell us in the comments below!

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