For more Climate Control Tips check out our Proguard Self Storage Climate Control Guide

The reasons for putting artwork into storage are as varied and plentiful as your storage options. Maybe you’re an art student and you don’t have room to keep all your classwork, or maybe you’re starting a collection. Regardless, your best and most cost-effective option is to rent out a climate controlled storage unit.

Specialized art storage spaces are certainly accommodating, but ultimately all that art pieces need to remain in good condition are consistently cool temperatures and safety from harmful light.

With that in mind, here’s a short guide to prepping your paintings for storage:

  • Clean Your Painting Before Storing: Cleaning a painting of dirt and dust is simple: just wet a cotton swab with saliva and dab the dirtier areas.
  • Wrap Your Paintings: Bubble wrap, foam, or a storage blanket will do. Make sure you have enough wrapping to go around the canvas twice over. If your painting is unframed, wrap it in silicone release paper first; otherwise the other wrapping materials will leave markings on the canvas.
  • Inspect Back Corners for Bugs: If beetles have taken up residence in the corner of one of your paintings, where the wood meets the canvas, you’ll want to take it to a professional conservator so that they don’t spread to your other paintings.

These are just a few things to consider, along with the proper temperature for paintings in a climate controlled storage unit: 70 to 75 degrees F, during the summer, with a relative humidity of 45%-55%.

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