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Summer in Houston: it’s hot, it’s humid, and it lasts about five months–and feels like longer.  Thankfully we’re now adept at managing the temperatures and moisture for ourselves with cool drinks, air conditioners or fans, and sheer determination. Unfortunately, your furniture has different needs during this season, and ignoring them can mean the destruction of valued items and heirlooms.

The dangers of dampness for furniture are myriad: moisture damage, rust, mold, wood rot, and mildew growth. Air condensation above 50% can contribute to, cause, or exacerbate these conditions. For wood furniture, or items with a wooden frame, these dangers contribute to cracks, which lead to instability and breakdowns or total failure.

What can be done? For wooden items, use a quality polish regularly to seal in good moisture and prevent decay. Running a dehumidifier in your home alongside a cooling unit can also be very helpful. Make sure your floor plan has plenty of room for airflow; in other words, don’t place furniture in direct contact with other pieces. You may also use protective covers, but the danger there is that if there is an issue you may not see it until you change the cover, which could be too late.

There are other measures you can take around the home to reduce the impact of heat and humidity on your furniture.  Make sure all your appliances vent outside, not into the home at another point.  Attic spaces should be ventilated to prevent build ups of heat or moisture. Finally, try to run exhaust fans while cooking or bathing to dissipate any condensation.

If you have antique furniture that you want to preserve, and the weather is just too much, you can consider using climate controlled storage units for the season, or until the weather is more manageable. Even in a climate controlled storage unit, protections should still be the same– plenty of airflow and protective covers.

There are so many wonderful things about living in Houston in the summer; all it takes is a little planning and legwork to make sure your furniture makes it through every summer as happily as you do. Visit our website for more information on how to protect your furniture throughout the year.

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