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We talk a lot about the benefits of climate-controlled storage units. These rooms keep your items fresh and secure in a stable, temperature-controlled environment that can be adjusted according to your storage needs. These units also repel bug infestations, moisture and mildew, and general rust and dust.  It’s like a little world custom-created for your items! How great is that? So here’s the next question: what items actually require climate-controlled storage? My ski gear? My winter sweaters? My chainsaw? Let’s ease the confusion with our list of the top 50 items that greatly benefit-and in some cases require-climate controlled storage.


  1. Wine/specialty beverages
  2. Cars
  3. Boats
  4. Plants
  5. Important documents: passports, birth certificates, social security, etc.
  6. Linen
  7. Mattresses
  8. Towels
  9. Sports equipment
  10. Ski gear
  11. Fishing gear
  12. Coats
  13. Fur coats
  14. Clothes: long term
  15. Baby clothes
  16. Old photographs
  17. Indoor furniture
  18. Outdoor furniture
  19. Kitchen appliances, large: oven, gas range, fridge etc.
  20. Kitchen appliances, small: toaster, microwave, blender etc.
  21. Collections: coin, sticker, comic books, etc.
  22. Musical instruments: wind, percussion, string, etc.
  23. Artwork
  24. Jewelry
  25. Pet food
  26. Construction equipment, large: tractors, cranes, etc.
  27. Construction equipment, small: chain saws, drills, etc.
  28. Wedding dress
  29. Baking supplies
  30. College furniture


  1. Shelving
  2. Old mannequins
  3. Excess inventory, large: furniture, lighting, rugs etc.
  4. Excess inventory, small: clothes, shoes, accessories etc.
  5. Medical supplies, large: dentist chairs, cabinets, tables etc.
  6. Medical supplies, small: excess swabs/shots/sterilization equipment etc.
  7. Pharmaceutical supplies
  8. Party Planners: dishes, props, lamps, vases etc.
  9. Photographers: equipment, lighting, darkroom supplies etc.
  10. Flooring: rugs, carpet rolls, samples etc.
  11. Nursing homes: old records, old equipment, furniture etc.
  12. Food distributors: non-perishables, freezers, etc.
  13. DJ’s: equipment, records, lighting etc.
  14. Lawyers: case files, phone/email records, filing cabinets etc.
  15. Restaurants: old furniture, excess inventory etc.
  16. Child Care Centers: toys, equipment, books, etc.
  17. Seamstress: sewing/Knitting supplies: yarn, thread, material rolls, etc.
  18. Construction Equipment (See above)
  19. Painter: supplies, brushes, cans etc.
  20. General: water coolers, filing cabinets, documents, inventory, shelving, computers etc.

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