From seasonal decorations to business files, properly storing your personal and professional belongings reflects how you feel about them and how you want them preserved for future use. Proguard Self Storage understands this. Our highly secure storage offers a variety of amenities, including climate-controlled, enforcer locks, monitored surveillance, and alarms throughout our multitude of different-sized units. If you remain unsure whether you need storage at this point-relax. This self-storage guide will make it easier to clarify those needs and how we can help meet them.

Table of Contents:

Moving & Storage

Moving and Storage in Houston

Whether you’re downsizing, upsizing, changing locations for a job, or moving to be nearer to a loved one, we can help. We have all moved at least once in our lifetime and can agree that moving is undoubtedly one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life. From packing the contents of your life into many boxes, hauling them one by one into a vehicle, and then unpacking them somewhere else, the entire process involves a tremendous amount of work. But Proguard Self Storage can help. Our article, Reduce Moving Stress with These 5 Tips offers some valuable information on how to make moving a less stressful experience.        

There are many other ways we can help depending on the type of move. Take for instance the downsizing move. Often a couple who decides to move into a smaller space such as an apartment suddenly realizes the contents of their old home does not fit in their new one. Usually, the first people they turn to are their adult children. Often, they are not living in places where they have enough space to accept the furniture, or they simply don’t want it.

This is where renting a self-storage unit from Proguard Self Storage is an excellent idea. Depending on the quantity of furniture they need to store, customers can choose from our smallest unit, which is the 5’x5’x10′ literally the size of a closet to our largest unit 10’x30’x10′ that will accommodate the size of a five-bedroom home. The article, How to Move Your Heavier Items into Storage, offers valuable information on the safest ways to safely and effectively move bigger pieces of furniture. Additionally, the article, 3 Self Storage Don’ts, provides some useful tips for first-timers including, what types of items stores best, how much space, and the number of boxes you might need as well.

Even before the move has happened, a storage unit is a tremendous asset when showing your home. Our article, Selling Your Home? Self-Storage Can help, provides an excellent overview of how renting a self-storage unit can help this process. Decluttering and staging your home, helps potential buyers see it as a neutral space as opposed to one owned by someone else. This allows them to start imagining what life would be like if they lived there. Where is the best place to put the excess clutter? In your self-storage facility, of course! Our article, How to Use Your Storage Unit When Staging a Home, is an excellent source of information. Proguard Self Storage offers both long and short term rental options depending on your needs. Confidently store with us. Our article, How to Pack Your Household Items for Self-Storage Units, is an excellent resource that is using storage units for the first time. You can safely store all of your summer holiday photo albums, snow globes, fridge magnets, and other knick-knacks with us in one of our air-conditioned storage units while you confidently market your home.  

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Storage Units for Business

Storage Units in Houston for Business

From boxes full of business records, files, and excess inventory, to electronics and other office equipment, renting a self-storage unit with Proguard Self Storage is an excellent way to help your business grow. Our staff can advise you on what size storage unit to rent depending on how much you have to store.

But we must be clear; self-storage is just that-storage. It is against the law in most cities and counties to run a business in a storage unit. It is an area created to store and stockpile your business supplies. With that in mind, the variety of all that you can store in the unit is endless. Our article Business Storage Rental Advice is an excellent guide suggesting what you can and cannot store in our units.

1. Storage Units for Files & Business Documents

Record keeping is a critical part of running a successful business. Companies large and small must retain their records for certain periods of time according to local laws. From employee paperwork to tax filings and other important documents, the list of what to keep is long. Storing this type of content in one secure location is where Proguard Self Storage can help.

Before placing any of these items in boxes we recommend that you sort through the documents and properly label them. As you sort, you can divide them into three different categories:

  • Recycle-documents that you no longer need
  • Shred-documents you no longer need but are sensitive and cannot be seen by others
  • File-documents you will want to keep and file further. These are ones you’ll want to keep in storage.

For the documents you’ve decided to file, you’ll want to organize them further. You can categorize them based on year. Then before placing them in your self-storage unit you can slip them into a large envelope or plastic holder in order to preserve them.

Our article, Proguard Self Storage: Business Storage Solutions, offers a variety of useful tips on the most effective ways to store your office belongings.

2. Storage Units for Pharmaceuticals

Our climate-controlled storage units are perfect for pharmaceutical reps. These units can store sample medications, as well as additional inventory that is temperature-sensitive, and marketing materials. Pharmaceuticals samples and their accompanying literature will occupy a great deal of space in your vehicle as you visit different clients. If you choose a self-storage unit within your sales territory, it will be easier for you to access your samples and inventory and get back on the road. It will also mean you don’t have to haul these items back and forth in the back of your vehicle from your home everyday.

3. Storage Units for Retail

When a trendy item is flying off the shelves, seasonal products need a safe place to be stored. Your garage certainly isn’t that location. For retail businesses, managing inventory can be a constant struggle. Commercial retail space is expensive, and beyond just fitting inventory into the store’s space, there’s also concern about creating a visually-appealing shopping environment that customers will enjoy. You don’t want your store overwhelmed with boxes of last season’s stock because you don’t have enough storage space.

That’s where renting a unit from Proguard Self Storage makes sense. That extra space will become extremely convenient when you need to fill your store with the stock or items that your customers are demanding to buy.

Our article, 5 Tips to Improve your Stockroom offers valuable information on how a storage unit can help improve the appearance and layout of a retail backroom. This way, a store is much more visually appealing to customers and easier to work in for its staff.

4. Storage Units for Construction Equipment

With multiple locations across the Houston area, using one of Proguard’s Self Storage units for construction equipment is a fantastic solution. In order to keep up with work, construction workers often must travel from job to job.  By choosing a self-storage unit centrally located between your project and home it will be easier to transport your equipment and tools to and from the job.

Additionally, our larger storage units can house extra equipment used by mechanics, landscapers, or construction workers. These professions are known for using great, cumbersome tools and machines that take up a lot of space.

At Proguard Self Storage, with our 18-wheeler truck access and wide driveways, in addition to our advanced security means, this type of equipment can safely be transported and stored in our units without hesitation. It can be accessed by you, the renter, when you need it.

5. Real Estate Storage Units

Since you can gain entry into our storage facilities as early as 7:00 a.m.-9:30 p.m., seven days a week, we make picking up the promotional material easy. Whatever you may need to store, whether it’s ‘for sale’ signs or the multitude of other signs required in the real estate industry, we’ve got the space to store them and keep your garage free of this advertising clutter. Our article, Spring Cleaning 101: Business Edition, will provide you with tips on making enough room in your unit to fit things like your real estate signage.

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Storage for Home Goods

Storage for Home Goods in Houston

If you’ve got boxes of your late mother’s clothing occupying your current closet and preventing you from accessing your own, we might recommend you read our article: Storing Clothes for the Long Term. Not only will it show how to store these family heirlooms properly, but it may also show you the importance of renting a storage unit from Proguard. It may seem easy, just empty your bedroom closet of her clothing and load up the storage unit of a few boxes of her clothes. But if you want her items to last, you’ll have to put some thought into the process. This involves choosing the right storage containers and a climate-controlled storage unit.

Are you tired of tiptoeing through your home office because your grandmother’s priceless china collection is packed in there? Let our experience and knowledge help you through this process. We walk you through the process in two of our articles: How to Pack Your Most Fragile Items and Putting Your Collectibles in Storage. This too is a lengthy and detailed packing process. While the china may not be moving across the world, you want the contents packed and stored properly so that when you remove it from the unit at some point, it’s not broken into a million different pieces.

Our storage is not only designed for collectibles and sentimental items. It can also be for practical things such as that extra refrigerator currently taking up a lot of useable space in your garage. In our article: How to Store a Refrigerator: It’s Easier Than You’d Think, we offer tips on storing household items you may never have considered storing. From large pieces of electronic equipment to bedroom furniture and everything in between, we have a variety of different sized storage units that can provide the solution you’ve been looking for.  

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Organizing Your Storage Unit

Organizing Your Storage Unit in Houston

A storage unit is a perfect place to house clothing that is not in season or holiday decorations that you only use four weeks out of the year. But your unit is only useful if it’s organized. We have two articles: How to Organize your Storage Unit and How to Organize your Storage Unit Space. Both of them will give you a step by step synopsis of how to make the most out of your unit space.

If you put all the items that you’re currently not using in boxes and throw them into storage without any thought, imagine your frustration when you retrieve something. 

For example, summer in Houston is fast approaching. You head to your storage unit to collect all of your warm-weather clothing. You’re forced to pull all your boxes out of storage while trying to determine which ones contain your shorts and tank tops. Once you’ve found them, you load all the remaining boxes back into your unit, lock the door and head home. As you’re unpacking all your items at home, you realize you forgot to pick out your summer shoes and bathing suits. Back to the storage unit, you go!

If your unit was organized correctly, locating different items within it wouldn’t be such a frustrating task. Bringing order to your unit only takes a few minutes, and it can be done in several different ways. What is most important is that it should be completed while you’re moving new items into your unit. If you wait till later, you will more than likely never complete the task.

When renting one of our Proguard Self-Storage units remember to:

  • Find out what you can and cannot store inside the unit
  • Rent the correct size storage unit for your needs
  • Place small electronics and cords inside plastic bags
  • Properly clean the unit and your items before placing them inside

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Storage Unit Space Guide

Houston Self Storage Unit Space Guide

The most common question we get asked at Proguard Self Storage is how much space do I need? Unfortunately, the answer always varies depending on what you’re storing and how much of it.  We do have an article titled Houston Self Storage Solutions: How Much Space Do I Need? It explains in detail the range of storage units we have from 5’x5’x10′, which can fit small electronics, bicycles, boxes, small furniture.

Or a 5’x’15’x10′ which would provide a small one-bedroom apartment or a garage full of items.

Then there is our largest storage unit 10’x30’x10′ that fits a five-bedroom house. To put that into office terms, that translates to five office spaces, including all boxes, computers, and equipment.

Our article, Size Matters-Storage for All Homeowners and Renters in Houston, provides a detailed view of all the different kinds of storage sizes we have and how they can be best utilized for your storage needs.

Our best advice to all our customers who ask us this question is to take a perfect look at what you want to store and give us a call. Together we can determine the right-sized storage unit that will fit your needs.

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Self Storage for Vehicles

Self Storage for Vehicles in Houston

A storage unit is considered one of the most perfect off-site garages you can find for your vehicle. Imagine parking your car in a safe, non-climate controlled space without worrying about weather damage without taking up valuable space in your garage. It’s often a popular choice in the summer when warm climates such as Houston’s heat and humidity can so tough on antique or collector vehicles. Our article, Getting Your Collector Car Ready for Storage, is an excellent resource for getting your antique vehicle prepared. It involves much more than merely cleaning and then parking it.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be antique vehicles stored in our units. You can also save your everyday car if you plan to be away from an extended period. In the article, Car Storage: Tips for a Healthier Vehicle, we show you different steps that need to be taken for your car to be ready for long-term storage. Additionally, our article Keep your Vehicle Secure This Summer, discusses ways to keep the heat and humidity from destroying your car.

Proguard Storage isn’t only designed to store cars; it can also house other vehicles such as boats. If you own a boat and are currently searching for a place to store, why not consider storing with us? In our article, Getting Your Boat Ready for Storage, we go through a detailed process of preparing your boat for long term storage in one of our units.

You can also store your RV in one of our units during the winter months and bring it out in the summer. Our article, Buy Your RV for the Summer – Store in the Winter, explains how this can be done with relative ease—allowing you to fully enjoy all that comes with traveling and camping in an RV and then safely storing it worry-free in the colder months.

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Wine Storage Units

Wine Storage Units in Houston

Whether you have a private collection of wine or you need to store wine for your restaurant in a safe and secure location, we have the solution. Our article 5 Reasons to Rent a Wine Storage Unit will provide plenty of insight into why you need to rent a storage unit. With our many different sizes of units, you can choose the storage space that is the right fit for you.

All of the wine storage locations are easy to use, hassle-free, and can hold anywhere between 21 and 692 cases of wine. At Proguard, we offer some unique features that appeal to our wine connoisseurs, including temperature control. As most wine enthusiasts know, even slight variations in temperature can dramatically affect the taste of wine. Keeping your wine at the right temperature is critical to maintaining the quality of your collection. We offer climate-controlled storage units, with redundancies in place that prevent the temperature from getting too hot or too cold.

Security is another factor that many of our wine storage customers inquire about. At Proguard, we provide all of our customers with private entrance to the facility. No unauthorized individuals will ever be able to access a customer’s storage unit at any time. Each unit is equipped with an alarm to help immediately alert both you and the authorities should your unit be breached. This extra layer of security helps keep unwanted visitors away from your valued reserves.

 If you remain unconvinced, the reasons above and many more are explained in our article, Why Use Wine Storage?

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Seasonal & Holiday Storage

Seasonal and Holiday Storage in Houston

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and Kwanza, there are many occasions to decorate. It’s a wonder you have space for a sofa and television in your home nowadays. As your boxes of seasonal decorations for each holiday continue to occupy increasing amounts of valuable space in your house, there is a solution. Our articles, How-To: Self-Storage & Seasonal Items and also Storage and the Holiday Season, will both give you a fantastic overview as to how to make maximum use of a storage unit during this busy time.

If Christmas is where you go all out, both outside and in, our article – Prepping Your Home for the Holidays, is perfect. It offers some great tips on the most effective ways to organize your house for the celebrations.

By contrast, if Thanksgiving is more your occasion, then our article, 3 Ways Self Storage Will Help Make Your Thanksgiving Amazing.

Self-storage can help with the stowing of holiday decorations, but it can also be an excellent place to hide your gifts. Our article “Storing your Holiday Buys Until Christmas,” explains how this can be accomplished and some of the smarter ways it has been done in the past.

In the event, you get perhaps too many gifts, or they get a little over the top, you can always stash them away in your storage unit. The article, Excessive Holiday Gifts? Take Them to Self- Storage, offers excellent tips on how to do just that.

Remember, Proguard Self Storage isn’t just for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations and holiday gifts. It can also be a great place to wrap presents, or be the gift itself as indicated in our article, Give the Gift of Self Storage.

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Other Storage Tips and Tricks

Other Self Storage Tips and Tricks

It wasn’t until the late 1960s that the word ‘self-storage’ was born right here in Texas when the first facility opened its doors. As of 2019, there are currently 47,539 storage facilities across the United States and growing. Yet there are still many misconceptions surrounding self-storage. Our article, 10 Self-Storage Myths You Should Stop Believing, addresses many of them. It sets the record straight, and our article, How Hoarding Can Take Over Your Life and What to do About it, discusses one of those myths in detail.

We want our renters to make the most out of their units. From our article, Deciding What to Put in Your Storage Rental to 5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Self Storage Unit. At Proguard, we want our customers to take a really good look at what storage can offer them. That’s what our article, Top 50 Questions to Ask When Considering Self-Storage, is designed to do.

To see how self-storage has evolved, our articles, How Self Storage Can Improve the Quality of Your Life and Personal Self-Storage Guide: How Self Storage Can Help You help our customers explore this vital subject.

Proguard also wants our customers to know that we are protecting the safety of our customers’ stored items. Our articles, such as Storage Rental Security and Your Things are Safe in a Proguard Storage Rental explain our security and safety measures.

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Proguard Self Storage

houston self storage

As the winner of the BBB Pinnacle Award in 2011 and 2012, the most prestigious award in the moving and storage industry, we have established ourselves as self-storage leaders.

We are proud to offer Houstonians some of the best personal and professional self-storage along the Gulf Coast. We have clean, brightly lit, climate-controlled units in various sizes that store everything from a loveseat right up to the contents of a five-bedroom home.

The little things such as free use of loading carts, moving supplies for sale on-site, and free deliveries accepted make our customers feel welcome. Our security features, including electronic security gates, on-site property managers, enforcer security locks, individually alarmed units, and video surveillance, make our customers stay.

Whatever your storage needs, large or small, let us at Proguard Self Storage help you meet them. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you are in the need of storage, learn more about our storage locations in the Houston, Texas area on our website.