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items to never buy used

Like most people, you love saving as much money as possible. In many cases, you can do just that by purchasing a used item. While this may be great for such things as golf clubs or even an automobile, there are certain items you should never buy once they have been used by others. If you’re curious as to what these items may be, here is our top ten list of items we at Proguard suggest you never buy used.


Whether it’s a baseball cap or a hat that is quite fancy, never make the mistake of buying a used hat, even if it is from someone you know. If you do, you may find you’ve bought not only a hat, but also dead skin cells and head lice.

Baby Bottles

Along with not wanting your baby to share a bottle’s mouthpiece that’s been used by another person’s baby, the bottle you buy may contain dangerous levels of BPA, which has been banned by the FDA.


If you are determined to buy used shoes, do so at your own risk. While you may be able to get by with buying a pair or two of slightly-used flip flops, hard-worn shoes are another matter altogether. Just like any shoe that has been worn by the same person for a long period of time, these shoes have likely been worn down into the shape of the previous person’s foot. Thus, when you try to wear them, the result will be foot pain and maybe other related problems later on.


Just like you don’t want to buy a hat worn by another person, you certainly don’t want to buy makeup that has already been used on another person’s face. Should you throw caution and your money to the wind, expect to wind up with cold sores and probably pink-eye.

Used Cookware

If you’re wondering what could be wrong with buying a used frying pan or other cookware, the answer is plenty. In most cases, it may have started to rust or have its protective coating flaking, meaning you will have no idea what else may be cooking with your food.

Vacuum Cleaners

If you stumble upon a used vacuum cleaner for sale at a yard sale or flea market, keep on walking as you pass by. More than likely, it’s about one vacuum away from the big junk pile in the sky, so take your money and buy a new Hoover.

Upholstered Furniture

Especially in today’s times where another person’s germs are the last thing you want, never purchase used upholstered furniture unless you know the seller very well and have no doubt about the person’s level of cleanliness. Otherwise, be prepared to welcome dust mites, bacteria, dead skin, and who knows what else into your home.

Car Seats

Since your child’s safety is always your top priority, never under any circumstances buy a used car seat. Along with maybe not having the latest safety technology, it’s always possible some of its safety features could be defective, since most car seats are usually quite worn-out by the time they are replaced.


Just like upholstered furniture, used mattresses are a disaster waiting to happen. Though you may not spend anywhere near what you would for a new mattress, chances are pretty good getting a bargain in this case will also mean you are getting bed bugs as part of the deal. If this happens, the money you saved on buying the mattress will be needed to pay an exterminator, along with ultimately buying a new mattress after all.

Baby Cribs

Last but certainly not least, you should never buy a used baby crib from anyone unless you can verify with the utmost certainty that it is not a crib that has been recalled previously due to various dangers that have resulted in the deaths of children.

Storing and Selling Your Own Items

If and when you do find some good used bargains, that may mean you suddenly have items in your home that will be getting replaced and need to be stored out of the way until you can sell them. When this is the case, look no further than us here at Proguard. With seven locations around Houston, climate-controlled facilities, 24/7 access to your storage site, flexible rental and payment options, and much more, we’re the perfect place to store whatever you may possess. To learn how you can do so, visit or call us at 800-487-2135.

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