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If you’re googling, “self storage Houston“, it’s likely you already have a use in mind for your new storage space. Maybe you’re in the process of moving, or you just got new furniture, or you have extra clutter you don’t want to throw away. Your storage space can be a life saver in a number of ways – especially if you’re organized and inventive about the way you use it.

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5 Great Ways to Make the Most of Your Self Storage Space

Of course, you can use your storage space to actually, you know, store stuff. That would be perfectly acceptable and useful. But here are 5 more ideas you might never have thought of to use that extra space.

  1. Product Storage. Every great entrepreneur story starts in someone’s garage. What if your garage is actually used to park your car? If you’ve started a home based business requiring a product, keeping your inventory can be a hassle. Using a storage unit gives you the space to clearly organize your inventory without cluttering up rooms of your home.
  2. Craft Space. Are you one of the millions of crafters across the country who make endless creations for family or for sale? If you take crafting seriously, you need adequate space to work and store your finished crafts. A storage unit can provide just the room you need.
  3. Extra Garage. Any car enthusiast knows that a two car garage will eventually become a space full of tools and lawn equipment. If this has become a hassle for you, renting a storage space gives you just enough room to clear out all of the essentials in your garage that you don’t need on daily basis but don’t want to part with permanently. Get back to using your garage to actually house your car without giving up all of the tools and equipment you’ve spent years collecting.
  4. Office Space. Office space is expensive but many people who work from home find that it’s too difficult to concentrate on their workload when they’re distracted by personal obligations. A storage unit offers a less expensive solution than renting an office but still gives you a dedicated work space outside of the home.
  5. Personal Gym. A self storage unit provides ample space for storage and use of all of the gym equipment you might have. The area can be set to meet your routine without taking up your entire garage or a whole room of your home.

Those are only 5 ideas for ways this extra space can improve your life without taking away from your living space. Whether you want a rehearsal space for your musical endeavors or a simple storage space to old family memorabilia, your storage unit is only as useful as your imagination.

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