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Most Common Misconceptions

For as long as people have existed, there have been myths surrounding various things. While it is common to hear people talk about whether or not they believe in Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, it is less common to hear people speaking of their ideas concerning self-storage units. However, here at Proguard, we have probably heard it all over the many years we have been in business. While many customers may walk into one of our seven Houston locations with preconceived notions, they are usually pleasantly surprised when they find out the truth behind self-storage. If you too have been considering using self-storage units but have hesitated due to the many myths still out there, here are 10 of the most common myths busted for your benefit.

Self-Storage Units are Dirty

On the contrary, all self-storage units at Proguard locations are regularly cleaned and maintained by a professional janitorial crew. Thus, no matter what you need to store in your unit, you can be sure the storage area will always be clean and in great shape.

Expensive Items Should Never be Placed in Self-Storage

While some self-storage facilities in the past and even today may have flimsy locks and less-than-stellar security systems, that is not the case here at Proguard. At all seven of our locations, you can expect well-lit facilities, on-site managers, electronic keypads for added security, and you being the only person who is given a key to your storage unit. Because of this, you can have peace of mind placing even your most valuable possessions in storage with Proguard.

It’s a Hassle to Rent Self-Storage Units

While some places may make it difficult for customers to rent storage facilities, Proguard makes the process extremely easy. If you have a valid, government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or passport, you’re good to go at Proguard.

Renting is Only Available for Long-Term Storage

This is never the case at Proguard. Since our rental agreements are on a month-to-month basis, you can rent a unit for whatever time you may need. With no long-term contracts and commitments, you can have the storage flexibility you need.

Climate-Controlled Storage is Not Necessary

If you think this is true, try using a storage facility that is not climate-controlled. When you do, you’ll find moldy books and clothing, insects crawling all over computers, and more. Rather than have your stuff ruined, turn to the climate-controlled self-storage units here at Proguard.

Renting Self-Storage is Expensive

Not true. Here at Proguard, you can find storage units that are reasonably priced to work with virtually anyone’s budget. In addition, you can pay your monthly bill through autopay or on-site–the choice is yours.

I Can Store Anything I Want in my Storage Unit

While you can store a multitude of things in your storage units, there are some items that are off-limits. For example, items that are hazardous, toxic, or illegal are not allowed, along with perishables such as drugs or food. And sorry, but our storage units are not allowed to be converted into efficiency apartments.

Don’t Worry–I’ll Store My Car in the Garage

This is fine, unless your garage is not protected from the elements. If that’s the case, your vintage vehicle may quickly become rusted, won’t start, and will eventually find its way to an early grave at the local junkyard. Instead, you can use Proguard storage facilities that are climate-controlled, clean, secure, and that offer the ultimate protection for your vehicle.

On-Site Managers Are Not Necessary

Fortunately for our customers, this is not how we feel here at Proguard. In fact, our site managers are full-time employees who lodge at the facility, meaning they can always monitor the safety of the facility and your belongings. Thus, should an emergency occur, you can be sure our experienced and knowledgeable site manager will be there and know exactly what to do.

I’ll Just Store My Stuff in the Basement

If you want to have your basement cluttered, ensure your clothes and other items will have mold and mildew on them, and that your friendly neighborhood insects will take up residence in your stuff, then your basement is a great place to store your stuff. However, if none of this sounds appealing to you, give us a try here at Proguard.

Now that the myths have been exposed and you know the real deal about self-storage, contact us here at Proguard by calling our toll-free number 800-487-2135 or visiting us online at today.

If you are in the need of storage, learn more about our storage locations in the Houston, Texas area on our website.

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