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After you have spent plenty of time using your boat to cruise around on your favorite lake, your boat will need to be placed in storage until next season. However, if you try to do this at home in your garage or driveway, it rarely goes as planned. Along with taking up way too much space, your boat may also be exposed to elements during the winter and get dirty or even damaged. If you don’t want to see this happen, consider the option of renting a storage unit for your boat from the trusted storage professionals here at Proguard. If this sounds like a smart idea, here are some tips on how to prepare your boat for storage and why Proguard will be the perfect location for your boat.

Prepare the Exterior

Before placing your boat in storage, always remove all tarps, awnings, buoys, and ropes from the exterior. Also, should you be wanting to store a sailboat, make sure the sails are removed and properly cleaned prior to storage. Along with these steps, make sure you disconnect any electronics on board, since this will save energy.

Your Boat’s Interior

To make sure there will be no mildew, nasty odors, or other unpleasant surprises awaiting you when you pull your boat out of storage next season, always open your boat’s cabinets and windows to allow for adequate ventilation while in storage. And speaking of unpleasant surprises, also make sure you empty your boat’s refrigerator of all perishable foods and drinks. After all, the last thing you want to find next season is a container of spoiled milk or something else that’s not even identifiable in your boat’s fridge.

Don’t Forget the Sanitation System

If you think that forgotten bowl of food in your boat’s fridge will smell bad when you bring your boat out of storage, that won’t begin to compare with the smell you’ll encounter if you forget to empty your boat’s sanitation system. Rather than need a gas mask, empty the sanitation system at your marina’s pumpout dock. Afterwards, always rinse out the tank and use a disinfectant as well.

Climate-Controlled Boat Storage Units

If you do all this work on your boat and then leave it outside to fend for itself, you’ll wind up with a boat that is dirty and damaged just when you are ready to start using it again. To keep this from happening, you can instead rent a climate-controlled storage unit for your boat with us here at Proguard. By maintaining an average temperature between 65-77 degrees year-round, you can be sure your boat will remain in excellent condition.

Easy Access to Your Boat

Along with Proguard having seven convenient locations in the Houston area, our facilities are also open to customers 365 days per year, meaning you will always have easy access to your boat. Whether you just want to check up on it or perhaps have a new accessory you want to put on board for next season, you can do this whenever your schedule allows.

A Storage Unit to Fit Your Boat

Whether you’ve got a small boat or one that is one of the biggest on the lake, Proguard will have a storage unit that will be more than big enough for your boat to fit in with room to spare. Instead of moving your boat this way or that way trying to squeeze it into your garage, bring it to a Proguard location and store your boat in a clean, secure, and well-maintained facility.

Secure Facilities

Since you have invested a large amount of money in your boat, you want to be sure the facility where it is stored is one that offers plenty of security measures. Here at Proguard, keeping the possessions of our customers safe and secure is our number one priority. To demonstrate this, we take many important steps. To begin with, all facilities have a site manager who lodges at the facility itself, meaning they are available at a moment’s notice. Along with this, our storage units are well-lit and well-maintained, discouraging potential vandals and criminals. Finally, we use advanced video security as well as electronic keypads that limit entry only to authorized individuals. If you’ve got your boat prepared for storage and need a professional facility in which to do so, give us a call here at Proguard at 800-487-2135. Once you speak to one of our knowledgeable and courteous site managers, you’ll know you made the right decision for your boat.

If you are in the need of storage, learn more about our storage locations in the Houston, Texas area on our website.

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