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how to store mattresses

Each morning when you wake up from a good night’s sleep, you have your mattress to thank for you feeling so refreshed. However, despite the important role mattresses play in helping us feel wide-awake and comfortable, they often don’t get the respect they deserve. Thus, when it comes time to store your mattress during or after a move, there are certain things you should always keep in mind to make sure your mattress stays in excellent condition.

Use a Mattress Protector

To keep your mattress in the best possible condition, spend a few dollars on a mattress protector. Whether it’s a mattress box or bag, this will be money well-spent once your mattress is placed in storage. By placing your mattress inside a protective box or bag, you can keep it free of dust, dirt, water damage, and insects. Along with this, it can also be protected against being scuffed, scratched, or torn, all of which can happen inadvertently during a move.

Mattresses Don’t Last Forever

Believe it or not, a mattress is not designed to last forever. Even if your mattress fits the contours of your body perfectly and you consider it to be one of your very best friends, the time will come to part ways. On average, innerspring mattresses last about eight years, while memory foam mattresses may last a decade. Therefore, you may need to store you old mattress when buying a new one, which is why you should consider renting a storage unit with us here at Proguard.

Clean Your Mattress before Storing

If you are planning on storing your mattress for the time being, always try to clean it before doing so. Though you can always do this yourself, many people now have professional cleaners do the job for them. Along with having a mattress that may look, feel, and smell like new, you will also know there is no chance whatsoever it contains the dreaded bedbugs, which can make life miserable should they make your mattress their home. By having your mattress cleaned prior to storing it with us here at Proguard, you can get on with other more important tasks.

Store in a Climate-Controlled Setting

Even if you do everything possible to have your mattress in excellent condition prior to storage, that will be erased immediately if you choose to store it in a facility that is not climate-controlled. Should you do so, you can expect to find mold and mildew forming on your mattress, numerous bugs calling it their new home, and its interior and exterior falling apart. If this happens and your just recently bought the mattress, you will be making another trip to a store and paying out plenty of money yet again. To avoid this scenario, rent a storage unit at one of our seven Proguard locations in Houston. Once your mattress is in our facility, it will be in a climate-controlled area where temperature and humidity levels can be kept perfect for your mattress.

Keeping Your Mattress Secure

As you know if you’ve made a recent mattress purchase, they can cost quite a bit of money if you want a top-of-the-line mattress. Because of this, you sure don’t want to place it in a storage facility that does not make security a top priority. By choosing a Proguard storage facility, you can be sure your mattress will stay right where you put it from the minute you close and lock the door. Offering facilities that are always well-lit, have site managers on duty virtually 24/7, and take advantage of the latest high-tech security features, you can have peace of mind knowing you and only you will have access to your mattress.

Storing on a Flat Surface

Once you’ve made the smart choice to rent a Proguard climate-controlled storage unit and are ready to place your mattress in storage, always make sure you do so by placing it on a flat surface with the area on which you sleep facing up. If you don’t and instead place it on its side or store it in a standing position, it may lose its shape and firmness.

Whether you expect to be storing your mattress for only a month or maybe a year or more, trust the experts here at Proguard to give you the very best self-storage options in Houston. To get started, visit our website, call us toll-free at 800-487-2135, or stop by any of our locations and speak to one of our knowledgeable site managers.

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