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So you’ve rented a self storage unit from Proguard Self Storage. Now what?

Many people rent a unit and more or less just shove their belongings inside. But without a strategy and an organized attitude, you’re not making the most of the space. Below are some tips to help you make the most of your self storage unit and also ensure you can access your belongings with ease.

  1. Make a checklist: Every single tiny item you put into storage should be recorded and kept safely. Chances are at some point you will forget if you put a belonging into storage, and when that time comes thing can get messy if you don’t have an organized record.
  2. Label your boxes: Ensure every box you move to storage has a clear label, perhaps a category. under this label you can enhance your organization even more by listing the items within in box clearly and neatly.
  3. Unused items to the back: We all have those items we feel we need to keep although they seldom get used. These items may be family heirlooms or antiques. Store these items at the back of your unit. Furthermore – stack them up! Use the entire space within your unit. Unused items that will be in place for long periods of time can be stacked on top of one another as to save space. Similarly, ensure items you will have to access frequently stay to the front as to enable easy access.
  4. Adopt A Tetris Mentality: Pack your storage unit much like you were playing a game of Tetris as to increase the amount of items you can keep inside. A little space can go a long way.

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