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If you have been using climate controlled storage units to keep all of your excess items protected during the summer, don’t relinquish that space just because it is time to go back to school. Once you head back to your college dorm room or apartment, you’ll likely find that you have accumulated more items than you have space for. There is no sense in storing those possessions at mom and dad’s house or in your car.

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There are all sorts of things that you can stow away in your self storage unit besides you college gear. Perhaps you own a motorcycle, bicycle or scooter that you would like to keep safe when the cool weather hits. Or maybe you own collectibles like toys, cards and other valuable items that you’d prefer be stored in a fully secure space rather than in mom and dad’s closet.

Most college students truck all their items back to their dorms only to end up with more than they anticipated. If you find yourself in this position at the beginning of the school year or at some point during the school year, you’ll find that it is much more convenient to drop off all your excess sundries in a spacious, climate controlled, completely secure storage facility that you can access any day of the week. It sure beats taking trips back and forth from mom and dad’s place.

The majority of college age people live active lifestyles. Yet there is not enough space in a small dorm room or studio apartment to store sporting goods like baseball bats, roller blades, surf boards, tennis rackets, kayaks, fishing poles, lacrosse sticks, skis etc. Don’t try to cram all of these items in your dorm room closet or under your bed. Dorm rooms are not exactly the safest places considering that most are shared with a roommate. Also, there is no sense in living in a cramped little space that is egregiously overcrowded. Instead, bring your items to climate controlled storage units. These spaces are surprisingly affordable, easily accessible and kept secure by a number of safeguards.

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