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Babies grow faster than the blink of an eye, both physically and mentally. Clothes and toys alike need to be replaced every few months. What is a family to do with all the outgrown baby items? Use this guide to determine your best course of action.

  • Store. There are hundreds of reasons why you might want to hold onto your baby’s outgrown items. Perhaps you are planning for a large family and expect your next child will make use of the clothes and toys. You might have friends and family who are getting ready to start a family who you’d like to pass them on to, or maybe you just want to keep these items for sentimental value. Rather than let them take up the limited space in your home, consider a storage rental to hold your valuable items.
  • Repurpose. If you have the time to get a bit creative, many of your baby’s outgrown items can be recycled or repurposed to meet his or her changing needs. Outgrown clothes can be sewn together to form a memory blanket. Empty baby food and formula jars can be decorated and used for toy storage. Check out these and other great ideas from Popsugar.
  • Donate. Not all new families can afford to give their babies everything they want and need. Your trash may be another family’s treasure, and making a contribution is something to feel great about. There are many charitable organizations that will be happy to receive your donation of lightly used baby and children’s items, especially clothes, cribs, strollers, and toys. If you are looking to make a donation in the Houston area, the Houston Children’s Charity accepts donations year round.

Don’t let outgrown baby items pile up and clutter your home. Make it a regular habit to figure out the best use for them to keep your home and your baby’s play spaces clean and open. This way, you can focus on celebrating the growth and development of your little one.

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