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Ah, the fridge. That haven of silver-foil wrapped goodies, the home of your world-famous guac, and the lair of that green smoothie that you’re not convinced started out as green. As one of the focal points of your kitchen, many homes pull out all the stops when it comes to buying a nice, roomy fridge.

But what happens when you need to store it?

If you’re one of those who spent big on an amazing fridge, you may be nervous to put it in the care of self-storage facility or your garage. But we’re here to tell you that fridge storage can be really simple! It may take a few hours to get it storage-ready, but the payoff – a clean, fresh machine that’s ready to use right away – is worth the extra effort.

Follow these tips to keep mold at bay and maintain your fridge in perfect working order.

1: While climate-controlled storage isn’t a MUST, we recommend it. Keeping the unit in a controlled environment will only help it maintain it electrical and physical attributes all the better.

2: Make sure your storage area is easily accessible by car/truck. Dragging your unit up stairs put it at risk for tumbles, cracks, and internal issues.

3: Thoroughly clean your fridge from top to bottom before storing. Food debris is your enemy: it grows moldy in days and can seriously wreck your unit. Take out the drawers and shelves, soak everything in warm, soapy water, and wipe down the compartments with a baking soda/water solution.

4: For the sides and rear of the fridge, gently dust the coils, disconnect the drainage line from the wall, and you can begin the defrosting stage.

5: Unplug your fridge and lay towels underneath. Once disconnected, allow your fridge to defrost for as long as possible – most experts recommend a week! If you dont’ have that kind of time, leave it to defrost at least overnight.

6: Once you get to the unit, be sure to store the fridge UPRIGHT. Leaning it on its side may cause the fluids within the fridge to flow where they’re not meant to. Long and technical story short: it can destroy your fridge in a matter of hours.

7: Finally, ensure your fridge stays DRY when storing. (This is where climate control comes in). Either completely remove the doors of the fridge (if possible), or wedge something between them to ensure they stay open and allow air flow.

There you have it! A foolproof method for keeping your fridge in peak condition during storage! If you have any more questions, please reach out to us here at Proguard Self Storage – we’d be glad to help you with all your storage needs!

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