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City living has so many benefits: public transportation, cultural diversity, employment opportunity, and an energetic atmosphere found nowhere else. The cost of those benefits, aside from financial, is often a lack of space. Apartment living requires dedication to avoid feeling cramped or cluttered. Here are our top four tips for organized apartment living.

  1. Use the Space Under Your Bed: Underbed storage is widely forgotten, but it offers a tremendous amount of room. Many furniture options now include under bed storage solutions, like drawers or book shelving. You can also raise a bed you already own to create this room, while at the same time upping the aesthetic value of your sleeping space.
  2. Streamline Your Closet: Make a conscious effort to not buy a new item of clothing without getting rid of or donating an old one you don’t wear. Not only will this create more space dedicated to items you actually use (always a goal), but it can help you avoid getting overwhelmed by laundry. If you have a huge wardrobe, it can be tempting to just keep digging in the closet for clean clothes until you are left with an unmanageable mountain of laundry to do and nothing to wear. If you really cannot bear to downsize your wardrobe, consider a smaller storage rental for out-of-season apparel.
  3. Don’t Let the Medicine Cabinet Go To Waste: So many people use the medicine cabinet simply to store old (possibly expired) beauty products and a few bandaids. First, declutter the space, then use it for things you want to have at hand daily–but don’t need to see–like toothpaste, daily medication, and more.
  4. Be Thoughtful with Furniture: Your goal in furnishing an apartment is to use all the space you have, but make it look like there is still plenty of room to live. Taller furniture can add storage space above the eye line. You may find that the couch that was perfect in your single family dwelling doesn’t really fit your new apartment. You can sell it, donate it, or store it for the future.

These tips are the just the beginning; there are literally hundreds of websites dedicated to apartment living tricks and secrets. Living in a smaller space doesn’t have to mean feeling like you’ve given up anything. Visit us online for more ideas of how to store and organize any space!

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