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Like we covered in our blog a few weeks back, Tiny House living is evolving into a huge trend. Many people are showing interest in ‘tiny living’ but are far from ready to ditch their comfortable homes to live in an 8×20 foot home. However, we here at Proguard continue to be inspired by how these masters of organization come up with brilliant storage solutions in their tiny homes.

Today let’s take a look what’s inside this amazing tiny house. Enjoy browsing some of the most clever storage ideas that are sure to fire up inspirations for the small spaces in your home!

1: All in one Console / Storage / Desk / Table

This is one well thought-out multi-function storage. The design is just so clever! It functions as a console table plus storage, with two collapsible desks or a single-piece table for 4. Aside from the barn door giving this console a stylish rustic modern look, the barn doors allow a third of the storage as an open shelf, thus providing easy access for frequently used items.

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The doors fold up with collapsible legs making two separate desks.

Personal Storage by proguard

Viola! The desks can be moved to form a single-piece table.

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And we’re not even done yet, the doors can be detached from the rails and perfectly hooked to each other to form a table for four people.

Tiny House Storage

2: All in one Coffee table / Storage box Chair / Lap desk

The chairs in this tiny home also transform as a coffee table, storage box, and lap desk. A multi function storage box made possible by simply attaching a cushion on one side of the lid. Simple but brilliant!

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3: Storage Under Raised Kitchen Floor

Raising the kitchen floor provides a huge area where you can store seasonal equipment and miscellaneous items. 
Even the kitchen step is a storage box that also serves another purpose.

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4:Kitchen Step, Storage box and a Bed?

Well not a full size bed, but the kitchen step forms part of the bed that completes the couch to bed transformation.

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5: Hidden Pantry Extension

This small cabinet has shelves where you can store your phones, small gadgets, mail and other items. It is mounted on drawer slides which when pulled, reveals  a hidden storage at the back which can be accessed in the kitchen. This creates an extension to the pantry storage. Nice!

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It’s amazing how a tiny house is packed with brilliant storage solutions! If you’d like to see more of this tiny home, check out Ana White’s video tour or photo tour here. If you choose to make the switch to Tiny House living, you always have a place for all that extra stuff – book a self-storage unit to keep your belongings safe, even if they didn’t find a place in your new home! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed the list of these clever storage ideas from an amazing tiny home. Visit for more amazing personal self-storage solutions! Let us know which one is your favorite by leaving your comments below!

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