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Next time you practice seasonal cleaning, consider trying something new: feng shui—the ancient Chinese philosophical system that helps harmonize individuals with their environment. For thousands of years, it’s been considered a great way to boost luck, opportunity, health, and other aspects of daily life.

Feng Shui Symbol For Optimal Design In A Home

Practicing feng shui can also create a cleaner, more satisfying living environment. Consider these five feng shui tips for your next home cleaning:

Tip #1: Minimize Clutter

Mininmalism is a core tenet of feng shui; by clearing away clutter in your home, you’re clearing away clutter in your mind. The most toxic forms of clutter congregate in kitchen and bedroom. Assess honestly which appliances and furniture pieces you need, and put the ones you don’t in climate controlled storage units for the time being. Proguard Self Storage is an ideal fit.

Tip #2: Wash Windows and Doors

Clutter is not just reserved for household objects; it also includes dirt and grime. Since windows and doors are portals to your home, clean them thoroughly and leave them open when possible. This lets positive energy to flow in and pushes negative energy out.

Tip #3: Invite Nature

Mother Nature is an organic sources of positive energy and luck; consider replacing useless knick-knacks with decorate plants and shrubbery. Most feng shui experts recommend recommend potted bamboo. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can even use plastic plants. A visually-stunning fake plant is more enlightening than a depressing dead one.

Tip #4: Clean Under Furniture

Feng shui energy is not dependent solely on the clutter you see, it also comes from what goes hidden. When cleaning your home, be sure to remove dust and grime from underneath beds and deep in cabinets.

Tip #5: Bring Symmetry to the Bedroom

Symmetrical organization in the bedroom is key to peace, balance, and an eventful love life. Make sure your bed gives you visual access to the door, and consider placing nightstands and lamps on either side of your bed. That visual harmony will greet you at the bookends of your day.

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