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Ahhh…for some of us, nothing feels better than a clean, structured, and organized space. When every piece of clutter has an assigned spot, your home just seems brighter and bigger. Even for those of us who aren’t naturally organized or neat, making the commitment to a more mindful space can be life-changing.

We’ve serviced personal mini-storage renters who left their unit feeling more relaxed than they have in years: leaving behind clutter truly is a freeing experience. Storing it safely is a great way to release yourself from all your junk without throwing it all away forever.

When the New York Times bestseller, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, hit the shelves, the nation was swept with an organizational frenzy: hundreds of dollars were spent at The Container Store and similar institutions in an effort to mirror the pristine home of Ms. Kondo. Americans were waking up: there WAS a better way to live in and enjoy your home!

After the initial upheaval, hundreds of blogs surfaced all over the Internet about every genre of organization, from your house to your car to your office. These blogs, aside from being ridiculously satisfying to read, feature easy DIYs, simple hacks, and great imagery: a real feast for the eyes! Each author has their own method that works for them, and the web features a blog for every type and taste. Here are our top 5 organization blogs: be sure to check out each one and let us know in the comments which one fits your style the best!

1: Deliciously Organized by Carlee Scanlon:

Perfect for moms and housewives- this ode to organizing evolved into a lifestyle blog!

2: Flylady by Marla Cilley:

This amazing resource doesn’t just feature written articles: download checklists, journals, and more.

3: iHeartOrganizing by Jennifer Jones

A young mom has an undying obsession with simplifying spaces, and shares her adventures with you!

4: Operation Organize by Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is an icon. This blog doesn’t just serve as inspiration: Lauren gives real-life tips on how to implement her methods THAT DAY.

5: Unclutterer by Various Contributors

Unclutterer should be bookmarked on your browser. Their tips are smart, simple, and savvy. Just check it out once and make one small change- it’ll snowball!

Happy organizing! And don’t forget to give Proguard Self Storage a call or a visit to talk about storing what doesn’t make the organizational cut 🙂

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