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How much “stuff” to you keep in your garage? Your car, power tools,documents, bikes, old housewares, trophies, gardening tools, toys…the list goes on and on! Did you ever stop to consider how vulnerable your items are, being stored in a freestanding but unsecured structure, in your open backyard? Most of us forget how easy it is for our belongings to be either stolen or damaged when kept in our garage. Depending on how common robbery is in your area, your items can be at serious risk of being stolen. Not to mention weather and/or pest damage! Want to keep your items safe? Look into storing them in a climate-controlled storage unit. Mini storage is a an easy, affordable way to keep your items safe year-round.

The cost of acquiring a unit is surely less than (or at least equal to) the amount it would set you back to replace all the damaged items! It’s time to seriously consider the best option to suit your needs. In the meantime, here’s a step-by-step guide to clearing out your garage and getting it ready for storage!

1: Let go of your junk!

It’s time to take an honest look at all the items you’ve accrued over the years. If you haven’t used/looked for the item in the past 6 months, either get rid of it, sell it, donate it, or start using it! Once you’ve cleared away the really unnecessary items, your garage will already feel cleaner and less cluttered. Do you really need your children’s “Certificate of Achievement” award from 1st grade? If they’re in college, the answer is no!

2: Organize.

Hopefully, all you’re left with at this point is a few boxes of small, assorted items, larger tools, like rakes and power saws, and large, movable items, like bikes and old furniture. Divide your space into 4: everyday use, seasonal, sentimental, and space-waster. Everyday use is cars, bikes, and pet products.Seasonal would be rakes, lawn chairs, and fishing gear. Sentimental would be awards, projects, costumes, etc. Anything you can picture showing the grandkids one day. Space-waster would be your 70’s recliner, hideous armoire, and other large items that you never plan on using but haven’t gotten around to throwing out.

Everyday: Stays in your garage

Seasonal: heading to your storage unit

Sentimental: joining seasonal on a trip to its new home.

Space Waster: Sell, donate, or throw out.

3: Protect Your Items

Invest in a simple security system for your garage. Weatherproofing is another important step you should look into. At the very least, build shelves to place your boxes of sentimentals on, in case of flooding. Lock in bikes and scooters.

There you go! An organized, clean, and fully-utilized space. Read our “Top 50 Questions to Ask When Considering Self-Storage” to learn more about the storage unit you’re considering to store your valuables. Remember: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure! Enjoy your peace of mind!

Have you considered protecting the valuables in your garage? Let us know what preventative steps you took to secure your belongings!

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