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Perhaps one of the most overused words in 2016 is hacks—as in life hacks.  So we will focus on “tricks” that will help you get your home cleaned—truly deep cleaned.  If you’re going to clean, you had just as well do a great deep cleaning so you won’t have to go to the same, time consuming, deep cleaning trouble again for at least a few months.  If you’re getting ready to move and need to clean like you’ve never cleaned before, or if you’re just need that once every year super deep cleaning, try some of these strategies (not hacks).

  1. Toilet cleaning:  Here’s the theory:  Toothpaste is used to clean enamel on your teeth, so a dab on the toilet brush can do the same for the unmentionable room in the house.  Just make certain the paste gets on the brush and scrub like a normal cleaning.  A little dab of toothpaste in the right spots and the toilet shines like your smile.

For other stains and odors, put about half a cup of vinegar in the tank of the toilet.  It can help kill bacteria, help with smells, and it can help with the shine too.  A win-win for you and everyone.

  1. Shower and bathtub:  Black mold is gross.  The solution?  Take time and give that shower or tub a deep scrubbing with a chemical solution.  Once you get it clean, afterward, use backing soda, liquid soap, and essential oils and clean with this mixture each week.  This mixture will stop the mold from coming back which means less work henceforth.  No more heavy scrubbing with chemicals!
  2. Fingernail polish:  The stain was probably there before you moved in, because neither you nor your children would spill fingernail polish.  But if it did happen, first put fingernail polish remover on the stain for a few minutes and lit it sit.  Then take a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or a similar product and scrub the floor.  Anything that is left, hit it with hair spray, then soapy warm water and the polish should be gone and you won’t have to worry about covering that spot when you sell the house!
  3. The Stubborn Carpet Spot!  If you’re carpet has any lightness to it, and if you have kids or indoor pets, you probably have that one spot (at least) that looks awful.  Two choices:  Remove the spot, or give new buyers a carpeting allowance which takes money out of your hands.  Instead, 1. Clean the mess if it’s new 2.  Put one table spoon of clear dishwashing liquid with one table spoon of white vinegar and two cups of warm water.  Take a white, preferably microfiber washcloth and dab until the cleaning solution is absorbed.  Once clean, rinse the spot with cold water and blot the area until it’s dry.

There are so many parts of moving that can be intimidating.  Deep cleaning can be one, but don’t let wondering what to do with your possessions get in your way.  We have climate controlled self storage units that can protect the things that are important to you.

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