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Home storage is a constant evolving problem for many people. As you know families or even single people can accumulate over the years tons and tons of stuff. Who even knows where it all comes from? Yet, it just keeps multiplying necessitating the desire to store it somewhere in our homes. It’s not as complicated as you might think with the proper storage units as the solution. Or you can try to make the most of your living space with a little bit of planning and preparation.


Here are five tips to teach you some storage tricks that are genius.

Extra Racks

Pop up clothing racks are a great way to store extra clothing, dresses, or coats. You can add them to larger walk in closets, guest rooms, or even basement storage areas. If you need to cover the whole rack to protect it from dust or dirt you can use a large king sized sheet, and tack it down at the bottom ends of the rack.


Underbed Bins

The space beneath your bed is often not used much. If you can buy a bed set with extra drawer space built right into the bottom of a platform bed, great! If not, then you can buy big shallow plastic bins to store multiple items under this space. T-shirts, extra toys for the kids, and seasonal items are a few things to consider putting under the bed tucked away for when you need these things again.

Floating Shelves

Instead of using larger shelf or book shelf systems, if you don’t have the space you can just use “floating shelves” that don’t take up as much room, but still allow you to store smaller things either for decorative purposes or to hold useful things like kitchen necessities.

Hanging Baskets

A cool idea for storage that can look very chic. Hang curtain rods staggered on a wall, spaced apart correctly so that you can fit a bunch of hanging baskets from them to store things. This is perfect for arts and crafts or kid’s books and toys.

A Shoe Organizer Can Be Your Best Friend

Many times these shoe organizers that you can put multiple shoes in have a great amount of storage space for a number of different items. Store bathroom sundries, cleaning supplies, and even makeup in these handy little storage spaces. Then you can hang it behind a door to keep it out of your way.

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