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Papers, papers everywhere. Is that what your home office looks like? Do you wish it could be more tidy, with all your papers, supplies, and items put away? By developing a solid organization routine, your dream can come true. Even better, home office organization is not time consuming or difficult, once you master a few simple strategies.

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1. Pare down

Wait – don’t put all your things away yet. First, see if you even need them. If not, discard or recycle them, or give them away. Having less stuff means you have fewer things to organize.

2. Have furnishings and storage supplies

Make sure you have enough furniture for storing your things and keeping them organized, such as desks with drawers, bookcases, shelves, and cabinets. Also have enough organization supplies—file folders, file boxes, baskets, and bins. Having plenty of storage spaces means it’s easier to keep everything neatly stashed away.

3. Arrange your furniture and items properly

Place all your home office furnishings in a way that makes it simple to keep everything organized. For example, place your desk in an L shape beside a table along a wall. Strategically place shelves and containers where it’s easy to get to your items and keep them put away. Store like items together – all your office supplies should go in one place, all your files go in their own place, and so forth.

4. Maintain organization habits

One secret to keeping your home office in order is to make organizing activities part of your daily or at least weekly habits. By decluttering and putting items away often, your office stays better organized on an ongoing basis. Then you won’t be left with an overwhelming organization project to do every once in a while.

5. Consider offsite storage

When you have more than what you can fit in your office, or items that you’re not using all the time, self storage is a great way to place some items in a location other than your office while still keeping them accessible. Check out our self storage to see how we can help to store your office belongings in our secure, climate-controlled facility. You’ll have more breathing room in your office, and you’ll breathe a sigh of relief.

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