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There may not be room in your new apartment for your Fender guitar, your twin reverb amplifier, and your Ludwig drum set. You may only have enough room for a bed, a desk, a refrigerator, and a television–if you’re lucky. Well, then what are you going to do with all of that expensive musical equipment? Put the band on hiatus because all of that gear will have to go into storage.

Your first step should be finding a personal storage space for all of your instruments. It’s a good idea to keep all of your gear in a climate-controlled storage unit so that your instruments don’t warp or go out of tune. You may want to buy some moving supplies, such as a few large boxes to put any cables, guitar pedals, or other gear that will fit.

Make sure to have cases for all of your guitars. Most cases will come with the instruments and will fit them directly. If you lost your case, now is the time to buy a new one. You will want to loosen the tension on the strings to prevent major warp to the guitar’s neck. Heat is definitely not your friend in this scenario, and you want to find a storage space that is not too humid.

After you’ve finished storing your instruments, you will want to have a professional inspect them and fix any damage that may have been caused. This will help keep your instruments in top shape! Now it’s up to you to plan a gig for your band.

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