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With minimalism bloggers and tv shows like “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” on the rise, it’s apparent that minimalism is all the rage nowadays. And for good reason – the benefits of embracing a minimalist lifestyle are undeniable.

1. Spend less.

2. Remove excess “busy-ness” from your home and life.

3. Have a more clean, visually appealing space.

4. Do good for the environment.

And so forth. Interested in “Marie Kondo-ing” your Houston home but not quite sure where to start? We’ve got some tips. Here are some ways to embrace the minimalist lifestyle, as per the KonMari Method™ :

  • Visualize your dream life.

Visualize how you actually want your home to look like and determine what your priorities really are. “Think in concrete terms so that you can vividly picture what it would be like to live in a clutter-free space,” Kondo writes in “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”

Is there a large discrepancy between your reality and your dream space? Time to commit to tidying up. Give yourself a whole day for this, rather than cleaning a bit at a time.

Pro tip: It’s okay to say goodbye to gifts you don’t use. Kondo writes. “Presents are not ‘things’ but a means for conveying someone else’s feelings. When viewed from this perspective, you don’t need to feel guilty for parting with a gift. … Surely, the person who gave it to you doesn’t want you to use it out of a sense of obligation, or to put it away without using it, only to feel guilty every time you see it.”

  • Does it bring joy?

That’s the big question here and what this movement is all about.

Rather than tidying up room-by-room, Kondo recommends decluttering by categories, regardless of physical location. Kondo says to start with clothes, move on to books, papers, then komono (small miscellaneous items) and finally finish with your sentimental items. Go through each item and ask yourself honestly, “Does this item add joy to my life?”

If the answer is no, it’s time to part ways.

Pro tip: Something that brings you joy one day, may not another. It’s important to purge rather regularly and evaluate your stuff to see what (if anything) has become a burden or unwelcome distraction in your life. A good way to ensure you are always doing this is the “one in, one out” rule.

  • Tidy up.

Now that you have released all that mess that doesn’t serve you, it’s time to organize. Store all items of the same type in the same place and do it all in one go rather than little by little. The term in Japanese is Ikki ni.

Kondo says that “The ultimate secret of success is this: If you tidy up in one shot, rather than little by little, you can dramatically change your mindset.” Perhaps there are some items which you know you’ll certainly need in the future, but they hold no purpose for your home currently.

Now would be a good time to look into securing a storage unit, though it’s important to keep the storage unit organized as well.

Pro tip: When organizing your clothes, stand folded clothes upright in drawers rather than lying them flat. It’s important for items to both be easily visible and accessible to maintain a clean and minimalized feeling.

Ready to take on your own clutter? Choose joy, Houston.

-The Proguard Team
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