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Excessive paper accumulation is a reality across most professions, despite ever-increasing movement to cloud-based storage. Some things just have to be written and maintained in hard copy. Even after just one day, the number of documents can add up. How do you decide what to keep, what to shred, and how to store things you will need again? Most or all of your paperwork should fall into one of the three categories below, and should be organized accordingly.

  • Papers You Will Need Soon. By soon, we are talking about within six months. Such documents should stay accessible, probably in a filing cabinet within your office or in a filing tray on your desk.
  • Papers You Will Need Eventually. For papers you will need at some point, but not soon, a storage program can be incredibly helpful. All documents ought to be clearly labeled and dated, and then boxed for storage at a local climate controlled storage facility. Marking the timeframe you anticipate you will need these files on the box and storing them so they can be accessed in order of need will prove useful.
  • Papers You Will Never Need. Any papers you will never need or never need again can be safely shredded. If you have any doubt, such files can also be stored with the papers you will need eventually in a storage unit. But, be sure to keep such files stored separately from those you know you’ll be needing.

What many professionals find is that by keeping the mountain of paper off-site, or out of their offices, they feel more capable of focusing and being productive. Also, knowing that all their documents are available, but safely out of the way, is a great freedom and relief. There are as many organizational schemes out there as there are organized individuals, but when it comes to documents, there is no way to keep physical copies of every page that is printed immediately at hand–nor is there a need! Visit our website for more ideas on how to streamline your business using storage systems.

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