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Surfs up everybody! Summer is officially here, which means you’re about to enter a permanent state of pool-raisin skin, golden tans, and wet towels clogging up your laundry room. If you’re a community pool visitor, your lazy days hogging your favorite chair are about to begin. Grab that iced tea, and awesome novel, and fine, maybe your goggles, and get into the sunshine!

For those of us lucky enough to have our very own pool, this luxury means more than just pool parties: there’s a LOT of maintenance involved. First, you’ve got to find the right company to service your pool. Keeping your pool fresh, clear, healthy, and functioning is  a huge task that most pool owners can’t do on their own.

Secondly, you’ve got to find a way to organize all the gear involved! Aside from your own pool gear, like towels, floaties, tubes, and goggles, your pool’s cleaning net, chemicals, and safety tubes need a home too! Some people just rough it and dump everything in the shed, but not only is that ugly and confusing, it can present a hazard. If you need emergency equipment as soon as possible, and it’s not in sight, you’re presenting a danger to everyone who visits your pool.

So let’s keep that pool gear organized! Here are the top five tips and hacks we found to keeping your pool closet (or pool house – please invite us over!) clean, organized, and safe.

1: Assemble a wide wire shelf to keep your gear on . Wire is important because it allows all the water to drain down, not aggregate on the shelves. Check out this one from

2: Alternatively, buy large plastic drawers with 4 sections, like did:

Divers, sunscreen, & goggles, pool flooaties, kick boards, fins, and toys, and pool equipment.

3: Build a super-simple towel and noodle storage center! Check out this one, courtesy of

4: Keep your all your sprays on hand in this beautiful bucket – and don’t forget to lay on that sunscreen! Courtesy of

5: If your looking for something more streamlined and space-saving, check out these adorable whale hooks from!

…And of course, you know that Proguard Storage is here to safely store whatever pool gear gets in your way, so give us a call! Can we join you for a pool party?

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