What does your office furniture, your late grandmother’s dinner China and your wine collection all have in common? They can all be stored. No, not in the attic, nor in the garage, but in private storage, Proguard Self Storage. Yes, your valuable wine collection can now be safely stored with us in its own separate room, without fear of sacrificing the taste or quality of your bottles. From red to white wine and everything in between, we’ve done our homework, so you can’t rest assured that your burgeoning wine collection is stored safely and securely.

Wine Storage Guide

What is wine storage?

Wine was traditionally stored in a cold, dark cellar. Vintners understood achieving the right conditions not only extends the life of wine, but in some cases, the proper conditions actually improved the flavor.

Climate controlled storage provides a sensitive balance between temperature and humidity needed to keep the wine from going bad. Changes in temperature cause the liquid and the cork to expand and contract inside a wine bottle. As the cork changes size, it allows oxygen to enter the bottle, spoiling a wine. Too much humidity can cause fungus to grow on the outside of the bottle. Whereas if conditions become too dry, the cork will dry out shrink in size, allowing oxygen to enter the bottle.

Even something as fundamental as the direction the bottle is stored in can also make a difference. Leaving wine cases vertically in the long term can be hazardous to the quality of the wine. Laying the bottle on its side keeps the cork moist and prevents spoilage.

You will find an adequately arranged storage space at Proguard Self Storage where racks for horizontal placement are available for purchase or rent? In our article, How to Properly Store Alcohol, we detail how your wines can be carefully warehoused and then brought out for usage when needed.

Whites, new reds, and sparkling wines all have different requirements. Collectors with a variety of bottles need multiple storage options to satisfy these requirements. But no matter what type of wine you prefer to collect, storing it properly ensures you won’t be disappointed when you uncork one of your favorite bottles.

Why choose Proguard Self Storage for your wine storage needs?

Whether you’re looking for a place to store your newly initiated wine collection or for a place to keep your restaurant’s inventory secure, we have the location to meet your needs. In our article, Wine Storage for your Business, we examine the advantages of using commercial storage for wine.

At Proguard, our wine storage is well thought out modern-day urban cellar. Each individually-alarmed storage unit can hold anywhere from 21 to 692 cases of wine. They feature private entrances to the facility accessed with complex security. We offer our users a precision-controlled environment in which they can store their bottles. It comes with a natural gas backup power generator and motion-sensitive lighting with UV protection. The oak finished storage doors and soft lighting is for your comfort. 24/7 security and video surveillance are for your protection. All of this located right here in Houston.

But we also offer several other features at our wine storage units, including the following.


One of the most critical factors that will influence your decision about where to store your wine storage is our venue’s security. Proguard provides all of our clients with a private entrance to the facility that is accessed using a coded keypad and HID card reader. That means no unauthorized individuals will ever be able to access your storage unit at any time. Each unit is individually secured with a slip-in dead-bolt cylinder lock. Every unit has its own individual alarm.  As previously mentioned, there are surveillance cameras that monitor and record the wine storage area regularly. Any unusual activity or unauthorized activity is alerted to on-site management. These added security levels mean unwanted visitors or vandals are further discouraged from staying away from your precious cargo.

Wine Delivery

In addition to our wine storage facilities’ heavy security, Proguard does accept wine deliveries on your behalf. Providing you have called ahead and alerted us to the impending delivery, we will accept it. This is just one example of our customer service.

Climate Control

Our climate-controlled icynene® closed-cell insulation blocks air and moisture. We have four individual wine storage refrigeration units that keep your collection precisely controlled 54-57°F. Each wine storage room contains a separate humidifier that monitors and maintains the humidity at an ideal 58-65% level. The temperature data is tested and logged every 30 minutes. Our system includes built-in redundancies. This means if the power to the storage unit is affected, this will prevent sudden drops in temperature or fluctuations in humidity. A natural gas backup generator provides uninterrupted supplemental power should there be an interruption. We also offer all of our wine storage clients a history log that lists climate data and history logs.

Understanding wine

If this is your first time venturing into the wine storage business, let Proguard help answer many of the questions you may have. We’ve researched and written on a variety of topics related to wine. Our articles such as Starting your Wine Collection and Different Wine Glass Types, What They Mean and Which to Choose, will help you knowledgeably select bottles and stemware. They will enable you to pour with confidence and purchase bottles with an understanding of taste.

1. Know your grapes

In our article, White Wines, the Basic Grapes we identify and briefly describe the most common grapes used to make white wine. It might seem simple enough but so many white wine drinkers don’t know the different types of grapes used. Not only does this article help answer some questions, it’s also a great conversation starter for those that are new to wine drinking and storage!

2. The benefits of the grapes

Many people that are new to the wine collecting industry have never stopped to learn the difference between red and white wines, besides the color. In our article, The Benefits of Red Wine, we explain some of the health advantages of drinking red wine in moderation on a regular basis.

3. Getting to know Texas wine

Perhaps you want to understand what makes Texas wine so unique. Our article, Texas a Wine History, gives you a glimpse of the history of wine growing in the Lone Star State. Another article, The Growing Texas Wine Industry, briefly explains the growth of Texas wine production. Finally, our article Go Texan explains the licensing changes to this logo as it relates to Texas wine making.

4. Learning about wine pairings

If you’ve never heard about a wine pairing, then this is a word you will soon need to learn by heart. Wine is delicious to enjoy in a single glass by itself. But often it is even better when served with food, either a main course or a desert. This is called a pairing and there are as many suggestions of pairings as there are varieties of grapes. At Proguard we’ve written articles about, Tips for Creating a Decadent Food Wine Pairing Perfect Valentine’s Day or Perfect Thanksgiving Wine Pairings Courtesy of Proguard.

5. Incorporating your wine during a special occasion or outing

From our article, Wine and Dine This Valentine’s Day! to Your Definitive Wine Guide This Valentine’s Day, at Proguard we have written a several different articles about selecting wine for that special someone. Especially on Valentine’s Day.

Yet, there are many more special occasions. In our article The Definitive Wine Guide Thanksgiving 2017, we help our readers select wine for the autumn holiday. Or if none of those wines meet your interest then you can always look through our article, Top 10 wines of 2017. That will suggest many more options.

There can also be outings such as to the beach, as featured in our article, Wine, by the Beach which highlights what to drink by the seaside.

6. Learning how to keep your wine fresh

It‘s the age-old problem and we address it in our article, Opened Wine, Keeping it Fresh. Once a bottle is open, if it’s not completely consumed that first evening it frequently does not retain its freshness. When it is poured the next day, it often tastes stale and bland and is thrown out. Let Proguard’s article help you find the solution so that you can preserve your prized bottles of wine.

Storing your wine in our facility

To the uninitiated, it might merely be a few bottles of wine. But to you, it represents the start of a life-long dream of starting your own collection of wine. Or the crates of wine you’re storing represent the foundation of your business, whether that is part of your restaurant or a burgeoning wine emporium. Let Proguard Self Storage be a part of that process. We have done the research to provide our clients with storage solutions that are uniquely suited to wine. They are state-of-art yet straightforward to use. We want you to rest assured in knowing that by storing your wine with Proguard Self Storage, safeguarding your investment is our business. It is a priority we take great pride in doing!

If you have any questions about organizing your wine, be sure to contact us at Proguard Self Storage.  We are your self storage in Houston.

If you are in the need of storage, learn more about our storage locations in the Houston, Texas area on our website.