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The world of fine wines can get hyper-specific and draws a certain type of person. Through our Houston Wine Storage facility we have been becoming increasingly versed in the world of fine wines and the methods of which you should consume them properly. Today we’d like to take a look at a subject which may confuse many consumers, and that it the different types on wine glasses and when they should be used.

First let’s take a look at wine glass size. Generally speaking, one should chose a larger sized wine glass while drinking red wine. When drinking white wine, a smaller glass should be chosen. Why, you ask? Well, white wine should be serve chilled, and using a larger glass with more wine inside allows more time for the wine to warm up, effecting the state of the wine as you end your glass. Drinking white wine in a smaller glass ensures it will remain chilled for the duration of your enjoyment.

The shape of the glass will also affect certain aspects of your drinking experiencing. The large bowl-shaped glasses are perfect for letting wines breathe and allowing the aroma to fill the glass, creating a full flavored experience for the drinker. For more full wines the classic shape will suffice.

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