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Ah, the summer is finally here. Hopefully for some of you that means some more time to spare, and some fun activities to partake in. We have been gearing up for the season by making sure our wine storage and self storage facilities are good to go for anyone moving or purchasing new wines for their collections.

With the hot climate we live in, having a professional temperature controlled storage location for your wine can prolong it’s life and keep it in perfect condition, aging as it is intended to.

There’s been some exciting changes in the wine world in Texas recently. Last Thursday, June 12th, the Texas Department of Agriculture released its proposed amendment to its Go Texan liscencing rules. What does this mean? Well, poreviously, companies could use the “Go Texan” logo on their product as long as it was either processed or produces in the state, regardless of where the grapes were grown. With the amendment to the rules, winemakers must use a minimum of 75% of Texas-grown goods in order to display the logo on their product.

Feel free to read more about the amendment here.

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For those of us not in the industry, this proposed change would just reassure us that the products which we consume are local-made.Visit for all of your Houston wine storage needs.

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